How to Create a Multi-Purpose Garden Room

A bespoke garden room can be anything you want it to be, but what if you want your garden room to be two entirely different things?

Perhaps a home office combined with a summer kitchen, a guest room with a gym or a games room with a bathroom – can a garden room be made into a multi-purpose space?

Just as long as there is enough floor space available, the answer is yes, creating a multi-purpose garden room is possible. Not only is it possible, but it is simple too.

Physically Separating the Space

One of the options available is to physically separate the space into two, which can be achieved in a variety of ways.

For example, partition walls can be installed in the garden room as part of your initial design and construction package. Alternatively, there may also be the option of installing partition walls at a later date. This can be the perfect option for creating two entirely separate spaces.

The strategic use of storage solutions can also be used to physically separate two spaces. For example, high bookshelves and storage units can be positioned between the two spaces, creating a physical partition that is also perfectly practical.

Another option to consider is using shutters as room dividers, which can be opened, closed, adjusted and removed with ease. Shutters can be designed in any configuration; colours and finishes range as required to perfectly suit any interior space. It can also be a highly flexible and versatile option, if not quite ready to commit to the installation of permanent partition walls.

Zones to Separate the Space

If ensuring privacy between the two spaces is not a priority, there are other ways you can use zones to separate the space in a garden room.

The strategic positioning of a sofa in the entertainment area of your garden room creates something of a perceived partition from the home office area of the space. The same could also apply when separating the bedroom area of a garden room from its kitchen, or a gym from a comfortable recreation space.

It is even possible to achieve a similar effect simply by using things like floor rugs and groupings of furniture to create zones. A dining table, chairs, and a couple of bean bags can help you achieve this, perfect for creating the perception of separation.

Bespoke Garden Rooms of Unbeatable Quality

At Riverside Garden Rooms, we design and install bespoke outdoor structures to suit all tastes, preferences and budgets. If looking to set up a garden room that can be used for multiple purposes, we can help you decide on the ideal configuration for your home. We would be delighted to provide you with an obligation-free home design visit in order to offer you an overview of the options available. Call or e-mail anytime to learn more about the benefits of our bespoke garden rooms.

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