How to Clean Your Solar Panels

Solar is the hot new home installation and investment for the future that many homeowners are prioritizing. Why? Because for an increasingly affordable investment and installation costs, you not only help the environment, but can save plenty on your energy bills over time. The more people on board with renewable energies, the cheaper it becomes, and the more this environmental standard spreads. 

Yet of course, like any home installation, it’s important to take care of your solar panels and make sure you clean them regularly. This is because dirty solar panels are less effective at absorbing the sunlight or even making contact with it in the first place. After an intense winter with even worse weather, you can see that you don’t have to live in a dusty area or live amongst many construction projects on your street to see how regular cleaning can be a benefit.

But while solar panels are durable, they are also highly specialized pieces of kit. For this reason, it makes sense to clean them properly, and to know how to achieve that in the first place. In this post, we’ll teach you all you know to help you in that goal:

Accessing Your Solar Panels

Most residential solar panels are installed on roofing systems, so that they have the most exposure to sunlight during the day. This means that accessing them is the first step you have to take. Usually, long-handled wipers you can dip in a cleaning solution is helpful, but some people may prefer to gain access to the roof.

If that’s the case, use sturdy ladder systems with someone holding it secure to access the roof. Use a harness and ropes for support so that in the event of a fall, you are protected. A utility bag can keep your hands free as you access the solar panels while also bringing your cleaning materials.

Use A Solar Panel Cleaning Kit

Solar panel cleaning kits are the best way to clean a solar panel yourself. They will contain biodegradable soap, a small brush with a varying length handle, and a wiper. Light soapy water must be used, contained in a bucket. 

Gently knock off dirt with the wiper, and then dip the brush in the cleaning solution and lightly massage the solution onto the panel as if you would lightly hand wash a delicate piece of dining crockery. NEVER use abrasive sponges or toxic chemicals. A neutral solution must be used, with a gentle brush or a cleaning rag.

Use Professional Cleaning Services

As you can see, climbing and attending to your solar panel cleaning can not only be time-consuming but a heavily logistical task. This is why it’s more than worth hiring a solar panel cleaning firm to attend to your cleaning. Firms like Mynt Solar will be able to use specialist solutions to protect your solar panels and ensure no damage is caused during the delicate cleaning process.

This way, you can see the process in action, and potentially take part in the cleaning yourself next time. Or, once or twice a year, you can focus on professional cleaning and enjoy peace of mind.

Chris Turn

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