How To Become Sole Proprietorship and Why You Need it?

For a person who wants to start the path to financial independence, it will not be superfluous to learn in detail how to become a sole proprietor. It is necessary to begin building an action plan with a psychological setting. Be sure that you are ready to stop depending on someone else’s will, take full responsibility, and agree to all the inevitable risks. A sole proprietorship is a fully-fledged and legally autonomous market participant who is responsible for all decisions made. Consider the sequence of actions and think about how to start a sole proprietorship in florida by using a few of the techniques.

Legal Basis

In Florida, sole proprietorship has a shorter history than in other countries. Since the nineties of the last century, the official name “entrepreneur without the formation of a legal entity” first changed to the phrase “private entrepreneur” and only then began to sound the same as now sole proprietor.

However, the essence remains the same. A sole proprietor works for himself. A sole proprietorship can also be engaged in production, and art, and scientific work, and the provision of various services. A sole proprietorship can do all the work on its own or hire personnel for this purpose. Situations are also possible when a sole proprietorship does not do any work but rents out real estate. Any activity that involves making a profit must be registered – otherwise, it will be considered illegal.

What It Takes to Become A Sole Proprietor

The Basic Steps

 A sole proprietorship pays less tax than the same LLC, and reporting is much easier, as is the registration process. In addition, the small business enjoys some support from the state. Of course, there is also a drawback: if the sole proprietorship becomes bankrupt, they will answer to creditors with their property. Therefore, by knowing how to become an individual proprietor, one can significantly improve your financial and economic situation.

Preparation Of Documents

To start the registration procedure, you need to collect the documents according to the list. It includes:

  • statement of the future sole proprietorship sealed by his signature and certified by a notary;
  • a notarized copy of your passport or another identity document;
  • a notarized copy of the birth certificate or other document confirming the place and date of birth;
  • a place of residence document;
  • payment of the state fee receipt.

Results of Consideration of The Application

When the application and all documents are submitted, it is necessary to wait for the decision of the Federal Tax Service. The result, as you might guess, can be positive or negative. If the decision is positive, a new entry on the registration as a sole proprietorship appears in the IP register. Two relevant certificates are issued: registration and entry into the register.


Many of you have thought about how to start a sole proprietorship in Florida, but never got down to implementing your idea. Someone thinks this is hard as they are not interested in doing the backend works. If you have an idea and desire to become an entrepreneur, we will show you where to start.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.