How To Be Successful With Drop Shipping

The process of learning how to do something new involves the same basic steps, no matter what you are trying to learn. From learning how to play complex board games like chess to discovering how to succeed online, you can master any skill as long as you are open to the idea of learning. The tips and strategies below will help you master the art of drop shipping, guiding you toward success.

Avoid Focusing Only On The Price

When most people start dropshipping, the first thing that they do is try to undercut all of their competitors by offering the lowest price. At first, this may seem like a great strategy. However, pricing your products too low will not only wind up cutting into your profits but also is hard to sustain. Before long, someone will probably come along and offer an even lower price than the one you have listed, taking away your competitive advantage. Companies like Walmart are able to offer extremely low prices because they buy in bulk. As an independent dropshipper, it is impossible to get a large enough bulk discount to replicate their model.

That’s not to say that price is not important. However, it isn’t the only thing that you should focus on. Customers are often willing to pay more for an item if it comes with additional benefits. Provide your customers with a reason to pay more. Offering free shipping or giving them a special bonus with every purchase is a great way to increase sales without having to drop your prices too low. Remember, there may be tax implications depending on where you are from – this guide from VATGlobal may help.

Choose Unique Products

Avoid the temptation to sell the hottest items on the market since they usually are far too competitive. When a large number of sellers all list the same item for sale, it causes the price to drop. As a result, the only businesses that profit are the ones that receive large discounts for buying in bulk.

A much better option is to offer unique products that other sellers don’t have. You may even want to focus on a single niche. By limiting the types of products you sell, you can quickly become an expert, allowing you to price your products correctly to maximize your profits.

Specialize In Unique Products

Drop shipping provides you with a lot of flexibility to experiment. Because you aren’t purchasing inventory outright, you can try different strategies without suffering any major losses. This is in sharp contrast to selling products at a typical store where you have to buy the products ahead of time and maintain inventory. In fact, this is why certain specialty items are often out of stock at major stores. Stores tend to be cautious with items that aren’t proven sellers since they don’t want to wind up with excess inventory.

With drop shipping,  the situation is a lot different. You don’t have to stock in any inventory. The only time you pay for products is after they have already sold, taking most of the risk out of the equation. You can try listing extremely unique products in your shop to see how they perform without having to invest any of your own money. In fact, your only investment is a few minutes of your time to create the listing. This makes it much easier to experiment with different products and to try out different selling strategies.

Consider Selling Seasonal Products

As a drop shipper, you can make a lot of money selling seasonal products online. Oftentimes, traditional retailers will run out of seasonal items, simply because they haven’t stocked in enough. With drop shipping, you don’t have to worry about carrying inventory. As a result, you can list as many seasonal items as you want without fear of having a bunch left over at the end of the season. After all, you aren’t actually purchasing the products – you are just listing them for sale. This gives you a distinct advantage over traditional retail outlets.

Consider Offering Discounts For Bundles Of Goods

You may be able to make more sales by bundling items that complement one another together into package deals. As long as the items are all being drop shipped from the same location, you can typically combine their shipping. This allows you to offer a discount to customers who purchase all of the items together. This is a great way to increase sales – especially if you have a product that is not selling well on its own. Bundling it with other items that your customers might need is an effective way to move more merchandise.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.