The Benefits of SEO & How It Can Help Your Business

We all understand how competitive the online market can be for businesses with many struggling to attract the right visitors to their site. Unlike physical premises, it’s difficult for consumers to find your business just by ‘walking by’. When you’ve taken the time and effort to invest in a website, it’s a waste if nobody visits. The solution many businesses are discovering is a technique known as SEO – search engine optimization. But what exactly is SEO and what are the benefits of using this strategy for online success?

What Is SEO?

While SEO encompasses a number of different tactics, each strategy’s overall aim is the same. In a nutshell, it’s the process of pushing a website to the top of search engine results pages. However, the practices used don’t just increase the number of visitors coming to a site. SEO also enhances the quality of the traffic meaning that those who click on your web pages are more likely to buy your products or services than the average visitor. Companies who want to achieve online success can adopt multiple SEO strategies, including ranking highly for keywords that are relevant to their business.

What Is SEO

What Are the Benefits of SEO for Your Business?

While getting to the top of the search results will encourage more visitors to look at your site, how does SEO help convert this to sales?

Attract the Right Consumers

Most of us have experienced what it feels like to search for a business online. Whether it’s looking for a local tradesperson or finding the perfect gift for a loved one, if there’s a business that offers what you’re looking for, you want to easily find the right service or product at the time you need it. That’s where search engines and their algorithms step in, showing you the best websites for what you’re searching for. How does SEO help? By ranking for keywords and phrases relevant to your company, it means those customers searching for a business like yours can easily find you. SEO helps search engines recognize what you’re offering and promote your page higher when a customer types in relevant search terms, helping to guide the best potential customers to your site.

Maintain Your Position

PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is something many businesses choose to invest in, throwing money at their Google AdWords account without implementing robust SEO strategies too. What some companies forget is that even with the best PPC campaigns, your site will only show a percentage of the time for the keywords you bid on. SEO takes into account how all your web pages appear in the search rankings. If you adopt high-quality practices such as those implemented by SEO consultants like, you’ll keep your position every single time a customer types in those keywords.

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Ensure Your Entire Site Ranks

Want to really increase leads and sales? Ask an SEO consultant to look at every page on your sitemap, even those hidden from the main menu. Some businesses think it’s only their homepage which needs to be considered when it comes to the search results, but actually, you can increase conversions if visitors are taken to the most relevant page of your site. For example, if you’re a company selling office stationery and someone types in ‘white printer paper supplies London’, you want your specific page selling white printer paper to be high on their search results. The more navigation a customer has to do when clicking on a site, the less likely they are to buy.

Implement White Hat SEO

While SEO can transform your online sales, you must ensure any strategies are 100% white hat. This is the least risky form of SEO which delivers the best long-term results. Other techniques which yield fast (but short-term)outcomes may be what’s known as ‘grey hat’ or ‘black hat’ SEO which often results in a website getting penalized or even blacklisted from the search results. SEO consultants who promote white hat techniques like guest posting will help you implement the smartest, safest and most effective SEO techniques possible.

Ensure your website produces the results you want with the latest white hat SEO practices. Increase leads, conversions and profit by driving the best potential customers to your site at the right time – when they’re searching for products and services like those you offer.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.