How Much Does The Size of a Dent Cost

Part of owning a car is having to deal with all the wear and tear that it gets from being out on the road. Dents not only make your car look bad, but they have the potential to destroy your paint job and cause internal damage to the car. One of the worst scenarios to deal with is trying to DIY the dent by using a repair kit.

You’ll make the damage to the car worse, needing to get it repainted and so much more. In the end, that’s going to cost you a lot more when the average dent repair is only around $50 to 350.  Multiple elements will impact the car dent repair cost when going to an Auto Body Repair shop, some of the factors in the pricing will include:

1.The area you’re located

The state or region you’re located in is going to be one of the factors in how much you’re going to have to pay to get the dent fixed by an auto repair shop. Most market rates are roughly the same, but you can still expect various price ranges due to geographical locations. The cost of dent repair in California may be greater  compared to Kentucky. This is something to look for.

2.Location of the dent

The location of the dent can get very costly as this also plays a major part in the cost. Corner dents are known to be one of the hardest dents to repair as these require a team of professionals to take apart some pieces of the car so they can get to the problem. It’s far too timely when it happens right in the corner, such as a bumper or around the panel’s edge of the car.

3.The intensity of the dent

The depth and the intensity of the dent will also play a factor in the cost of the repair. If your car had to face a collision such as a T-bone, you can expect that it will take more time, labor, and resources to fix this issue. This also means that it can take a lot longer to repair the vehicle as. Another factor that should be put into consideration is the number of dents your car has as well.

4.Method of rebuilding the dented area

Some dents will be easy to repair, so there are methods for that. However the more difficult or hard to remove dents will also have their own special method in removing some dents. Paintless dent repair or PDR for short is a known budget-friendly approach in removing dents from vehicles. Some approaches can’t be as simplistic as this so other repairing techniques will have to be used as well.

5.Model of the car

The type of car you have is going to greatly change the price. This is very common with car repairs and goes far beyond just dents. The version or model of your car is going to greatly vary the price and each car and brand has its own unique properties. Since each car is different, this may require body shops to use special tools or have a more attentive eye on what they’re doing to fix it. 

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