How LydaBaby Got a Foothold In The Hyper Competitive Baby Clothing e-Commerce Industry

If you know anything about e-commerce, then you know that baby-related e-commerce is a massive industry. 

From clothing to equipment to toys and everything else you can think of, it’s a massive market and as a result, it is also hyper-competitive.

In this article, we outline some of the strategies undertaken by LydaBaby to not only survive but thrive in the US baby clothing e-commerce industry.

Fast Site

The first thing you would notice when you go to the lighter baby e-commerce store is how fast the site loads. 

The loading speed of your e-commerce store is critical because you can lose a lot of potential customers if your e-commerce store takes too long to load. 

A delay of anything over one to two seconds can see people reverse from your website and go to a competitor instead.

The loading speed will be determined by the speed of your hosting, the theme of your store, how code-heavy it is, as well as how many other scripts are running, and also in terms of image sizes.

If you are looking for a way to speed up your e-commerce store then have a look at your theme and see if it is bloated or if it is a slick theme with basic styling. 

Once you think your theme is fast enough, check out how many other widgets and scripts are being loaded on your page. 

Common ones include Google Analytics, as well as any other pixels for Facebook and other tracking that you do. 

Then lastly, make sure all your images are optimized for size. You can typically achieve 80% smaller image sizes without a noticeable decrease in picture quality.

If you look after all those factors on your e-commerce site like LydaBaby have then you will maximize the chance that your visitors stay on your site, look at your products, and potentially buy something.

Sleek Design

Once the site loads, the next thing you notice is how slick the design is.

It’s a simple design without too many strong colors and it’s very easy on your eye and it’s very easy to browse around.

This great space between the elements, all with the same white background makes a very seamless experience to move between products and between product categories.

Navigation of the story is easy with the main categories listed in the main menu and then from each product page, there are natural links to other related products.

Conversion Elements

LydaBaby has also been smart in the nature of the conversion elements they have included on their site. 

Social profiles are prominent on the page which builds trust as well as the mission statement being included in the footer for all site visitors to see.

Payment-provided icons are listed in the footer of every page as well, which adds an extra layer of trust to people considering a purchase.

Chat Widget

Something not enough e-commerce stores are doing is including a chat widget on the store. 

The chat widget is often displayed by a little speech bubble hovering in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. 

Sometimes this bubble automatically populates a chat prompt and sometimes it just sits there unless it is clicked on.

These chat widgets increase the chance that a site visitor asks you a question or reaches out to talk to you about the products they are looking at. 

The ability to speak to your customers in real-time not only increases your conversion rate, but you also learn a lot about what customers are thinking about, and what questions they have, and it gives you content ideas for your blog or ideas for ways to optimize the product description.

Product Choice

An e-commerce store full of products that people do not want is destined to fail. 

Product choice not only has a big impact on the success of your advertising campaigns but on the number of orders you get and how efficient your stock-to-flow ratio becomes.

LydaBaby has seen huge success by stocking variations of items that people are searching for and focusing on meeting a proven need rather than trying to generate interest in an unknown product.

Optimizing For Gifts

LydaBaby also makes it easy for people to buy gifts for other people or purchase gift cards. 

When it comes to baby clothing, somebody may want to give a gift of baby clothing but may be worried that what they would choose will not be appreciated by the family they buy for. 

The ability to buy a gift card or a gift pack is a way that somebody can still give the gift of baby clothing in this case without worrying about whether they are choosing the right clothing and then once the gift receiver logs in to utilize the gift card, there is a chance that they will then spend additional funds on other products as well.

Final Thoughts

Success in e-commerce requires getting the fundamentals right.

If you don’t have the fundamentals in place in terms of a fast site with good design and good conversion elements and products people want, then you will be facing an uphill battle.

By getting these things in place, you will be able to replicate the success experienced by LydaBaby as they have taken a foothold in a very competitive e-commerce market.

Brett Sartorial

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