How Do I Make My Candle Brand Stand Out

Making money out of your candle business is possible. The main concern is that this type of business is saturated with competition, making it difficult to profit.

A saturated market means consumers buy tons of the products. On the other hand, candles are not products that are easy to sell once done. You’ll need an effective marketing method to make it stand out and keep your customers coming back for more.

You’ll need to develop a way for your brand to be noticeable to more people. There are plenty of ways. With the technology we have, you can do almost anything you want for your business to succeed.

But how can you make your candle business stand out despite having tough competition? We’ve prepared some practical ways for you.

Design Your Labels

Every product comes with a label; this is the first thing they would see. Imagine yourself buying a product. You’d most likely see the same item among the others; however, with the label, you’d be able to distinguish which ones look more enticing.

Creating labels for your candles might sound difficult, especially for beginners. You’ll have to think of color combinations, fonts, and other elements to make it sell well. Luckily, you can use a candle label template. You just need to tweak some parts by clicking on them, and you’ll be able to create a beautiful label for your candles.

Make sure that you choose a color combination that would match the theme of your candles. You should also check whether the designs are eye-catching.

Understand Your Customers

One of the elements you need to consider when making a label and selling your candles well is to understand your customers. You need to research what kind of customers you have, where they are from, and what type of candles they like.

Simply put, here are three main elements:

  • Demographics. Understanding their age, gender, location, and more is key to creating effective marketing strategies to make your candles stand out. You can create a fictional customer or a real one and list the characteristics of this person. From there, you’ll be able to devise various strategies and choose the most effective one for your candles.
  • Spending behavior. This element doesn’t only focus on how much they spend to buy your candles. It’s also about where and when they purchase your candles. Some of them probably bought your candles online, while some got them in your physical store. Understanding these behaviors allows you to align your marketing strategies to help your candle brand stand out.
  • Attention. Do you have to identify where your customers mostly spend time on? This helps you create where you should place your marketing. For example, you can create Facebook ads for your customers who spend time on social media.

Promote Your Candle Business Online

One of the most effective ways to make your candle brand stand out is to utilize the internet. You can promote your products online, especially on social media, as it can help improve your business.

Whether you have an online store or not, marketing your candle brand online is effective. There are tons of users worldwide, and when they see the product, they will eventually see a potential customer.

You can use various platforms to do this. You can go for Facebook, Twitter, and even Google Ads. Along with the daily posts, proper hashtags and keywords should also be used to promote it even better.

You can also write content, such as ebooks, blogs, and even videos, to highlight your products and show your expertise in the industry.

Make Unique Products

Candlemakers usually sell the same candles as their competitors. The downside of this is that the competition is already tough; if you’re joining the same, it won’t give you great opportunities to make your candles stand out.

To make your candles unique, you need to focus on some elements, primarily the color and the scent.

When creating candles, make sure that they have a great color combination, from label to containers and the candle itself.

Candles’ main feature is their scent. This is a perfect way to create unique fragrances or name them differently from other scents. Keep in mind that not all scents you make will be popular in the market because it’s not for you to decide.

However, this is a perfect opportunity for you to create scents that only your store has. Instill it to them that they can’t find other scents other than your shop. Doing this will make your candle brand stand out.


It might be a little difficult to make your candle stand out, especially when having a saturated market. However, by following the tips above, you’d surely have better sales as people will begin to notice how unique your candle brand is.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.