How Do Businesses Keep the Power on When There’s a Blackout?

Have you ever wondered what happens to the commercial sector when there is a blackout? Power outages can occur for many reasons, and that shouldn’t stop you from being able to buy a packet of crisps or have an operation. If you are curious as to how the cashier tills keep ringing when the electricity is out, you are about to discover how it happens.

Power Outages

A power outage occurs when the local power grid doesn’t work. Blackouts can happen for many different reasons. Some are weather-related:

  • Lightning is a common cause of electricity outages. It can strike trees that then fall onto power lines. The actual electrical equipment itself can also suffer a lightning strike.
  • Ice builds up on power lines which can cause them to snap.
  • Wind, rain, and flooding can cause damage to underground and above-ground electrical equipment.

Though, some are caused by other incidents:

  • Car accidents cause breaks in electricity supply if they damage to power lines and poles.
  • Small animals can climb into fuses and transformers which causes them to shut down.
  • The power supplier themselves sometimes implement load shedding and planned outages.

As you can see, power outages can happen at any time, for a number of reasons. Many of the cuts in power are when the equipment is being fixed after this damage has occurred.

The Solution to Power Outages for Businesses

The solution for businesses who want to keep going when the power goes off is to install a standalone generator. A generator kicks into gear when there is a break in the power supply from the grid. They are what keeps things going when everything around has gone dark.

You can buy a generator for any need. There are compact, portable devices for campers or rural cottages that can power devices and convenience equipment. Then there are permanent generators that are installed in houses in areas where blackouts are frequent. Industrial generators are large machines installed in hospitals and office blocks to keep ORs and computers running when the grid goes down.

What Type of Generators Are There?

There are many different sorts of electrical generators. The most popular kind for industrial and business installations are diesel generators. You can also get generators powered by natural gas, propane, and bi-fuel.

A generator works by converting the fuel into electricity. They capture the energy released from the machine running powered by the fuel and transfer it to the power supply. It keeps going as long as it has fuel to burn.

Every generator has a transfer switch that continually monitors incoming voltage. It is like a sentinel who is on duty all the time to check the amount of power available from the utilities. When the voltage falls to an unacceptable level, it triggers the transfer switch which then transitions the power supply to the generator. It activates the generator and turns it on.

A business that has a generator will never experience a complete blackout and can continue working as usual because of this.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.