How Businesses Can Benefit From Plastic Injection Molding Of Products

The efficiency, versatility, and affordability of injection molding earned the manufacturing process an admirable place within any production company’s business. Injection molding allows companies to create virtually any kind of plastic component they need for their operations. Read on to learn more about this wonderful manufacturing technique.

Injection Molding: How Does It Work?

Below is a breakdown of all the steps involved in plastic injection molding.

  • The part to be produced is designed by an engineer.
  • A metal mold than can have one or more cavities is created by the tool maker. The metal mold can be either steel or aluminum. To form the desired piece, the mold is manufactured carefully and with great precision.
  • Choosing the polymer that will be utilized in the plastic injection molding process is the third step. The polymer can be an elastomer, thermoset, or thermoplastic.
  • Before being injected into the mold, the chosen material’s granules are heated in the molding machine’s barrel until the mixture becomes flexible.
  • While the two halves of the mold tightly close, the correct amount of material will be pushed by a ram-type spindle to fill the cavities that are under pressure.
  • The material, then, cools and hardens into the desired part’s shape.
  • The process is repeated after removing the piece from the mold.

Popular Products Created By Plastic Injection Molding

People seldom hear about plastic injection molding even if it has been around for quite a while already. That’s because most people barely make efforts to understand, let alone find out, how the products they use every day are made. The truth is that injection molding is a process that enables the production of smartphones, computers, pouches, casings, gears, and Game Boys, among others.

Here are other popular products you may not know are made from injection molding:

  • Medical tools
  • Children’s toys
  • Hub caps, bumper, door handles, wiper, window controls, and other car parts
  • Plastic kitchen utensils
  • Radio buttons
  • Plastic cupholders

With plastic injection molding, all you need is to think about the plastic component you’d like to be created, and voila—it’s ready for use!

Those being said, check out the ways how businesses can benefit from plastic injection molding of products below.


  • It Speeds Up Production


When it comes to bulk creation of products, it’s ideal to use injection molding. The cost efficiency and the sheer speed of production of the process is the reason for this. With plastic injection molding, it usually only takes seconds to produce the needed parts.

Injection molding will help companies spend less cost on associated labor and profit more from the output. That’s because the time saved on production can be used to speed up their business processes. 


  • Companies Can Produce Just About Anything


The production of just about any parts can be achieved through plastic injection molding. If a business involves production, this process makes everything pretty easy, no matter how complex the needed parts are.

The molds are going to be subjected to extremely high pressure in the injection molding process. The plastic will be pressed harder against the mold as a result. Adding a large number of details into any part’s design becomes possible because of this excessively high pressure.


  • Businesses Can Use Multiple Types Of Plastic Simultaneously


When it comes to the manufacturing of parts, the ability to use different plastic types simultaneously is one of the major advantages that plastic injection molding brings. It becomes possible with the help of the co-injection molding process. Co-injection molding takes away the worry about utilizing a specific type of plastic.


  • It Requires Very Little Supervision


Injection molding isn’t only widespread and easy-to-source; it’s also affordable. It keeps on benefitting companies the longer they use it.

The plastic injection molding process is highly automatable. It’s capable of reducing labor costs by making the operations of businesses more efficient. Once the ball starts rolling, the process requires very little oversight from operators. Some machines are even fully programmable. That means that with just a touch of a button, operators can replicate reproducible conditions.


  • Companies Need Not Worry About Finishing


There’s always a need to perform some finishing touches so the product suits the exact needs for it. It’s a piece of common knowledge when producing a product via casting processes. The problem is that companies have to spend additional costs to carry out the finishing process.

However, when producing plastic parts with the help of plastic injection molding, there usually won’t be a need for finishing anymore. That’s because the products look great when they come out straight out of the mold. Once cooled, you just need to get the parts out of the molds, and they’re ready for use.


  • It’s Extremely Efficient


Any excess isn’t wasted with injection molding. In terms of efficiency in the use of raw material, this process is one of those that top the list. It produces very little waste since it’s possible to recycle the excess back into the machine for future use. 

Once businesses begin production, the expensive cost of producing the molds can be quickly recouped. It’s especially true in large batch scale operations, which often result in 10-20 times the savings.

Since plastic injection molding saves time for companies by eliminating the need for joining or trimming the final products, the costs for labor will be barely noticeable. Add to it the fact that there will be fewer rejects to deal with due to the machine’s efficiency.


  • Enhances Strength Of The Molded Parts


The use of fillers is possible in injection molds. While the plastic is being molded, these fillers reduce the plastic’s density while adding greater strength to the molded part. Plastic injection molding offers an option that other molding processes don’t have in fields where parts must be strong and durable.

Final Thoughts

Hundreds of industries can benefit from plastic injection molding. It revolutionizes the manufacturing processes that many businesses take. Plastic has many capabilities, and the plastic injection molding process allows companies to maximize them to the full extent. Some can even potentially branch out to other markets as long as the injection molding of products is done right. 

Dorian Koci

Dr. Dorian Koçi is a historian, Director of National Historical Museum of Albania and lecturer in Tirana State University, Faculty of History and Philology and New York University of Tirana.