Ashworth Barnes Is Finding Small Business Success and Inspiring Others To Do the Same

There is something special that comes with taking a small business from the ground up. For budding entrepreneurs, it is important to learn from others who came first. They can act as a source of inspiration, allowing others to follow in their footsteps and learn from their mistakes without having to make them on their own. One entrepreneur who has found small business success is Ashworth Barnes. His unique journey is serving as an inspiration to others who also want to find a way to build a small business of their own.

Ashworth Barnes is from the south side of Houston, TX. A city known for its contributions to science and technology, Ashworth Barnes was not always a successful businessman. He didn’t grow up with much and was raised by a single mother. While his mother is a source of inspiration in everything that he does, he also credits his grandparents and relatives with raising him to become the successful young man he is today. He had a hard time staying out of trouble when he was younger; however, his family did a great job of channeling this energy into something productive.

He was a standout football player when he was younger. His athletic talent was on display whenever he took the field. In fact, he was so talented that he went on to play Division 1, power conference football at the University of Minnesota, a member of the Big Ten. Even though Ashworth Barnes had big dreams when it came to football, his career was cut short due to injury. While he enjoyed studying criminal justice at the University of Minnesota, he knew that he wanted to channel his energy into his other passion. This is where his love of cars started to flourish.

He decided to build on one of his favorite passion from childhood, cars. He reached out to a few of his friends and clients and opened a shop called 713 Motoring. This is a shop that specializes in custom designs and collision repair services. Ashworth Barnes knew that he had a talent for cars and poured everything he had into his business. He worked long hours to build his business from the ground up but also knew that he couldn’t do it all on his own. As 713 Motoring Grew, he knew that he needed to ask for help.

He decided to reach out to one of his old friends, AK Manesh. He knew that AK had a unique talent for customized designs. Therefore, he put AK in charge of custom designs. Ashworth Barnes stuck with the collision repair section of 713 Motoring. They worked together and this system ended up working with aplomb. It worked out so well that Ashworth Barnes and 713 Motoring were actually listed as one of the top 20 custom auto shops in the country by Complex Magazine in 2013. Clearly, 713 Motoring has come a long way from its humble routes.

For Ashworth Barnes, taking 713 Motoring from the ground up has been somewhat of trial by fire. He worked as hard as he could to learn everything about the industry and built on a passion that he knew he had. In this manner, Ashworth Barnes is serving as an inspiration to others. As long as people end up doing something that they love, they don’t end up working a day in their life. It will be interesting to see where Ashworth Barnes and 713 Motoring go from here. Without a doubt, the future of this company is bright.


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