How A Call Tracking Software Can Scale Up Your Businesses

Marketing campaigns are meant to generate potential leads for your business. If your company operates a multichannel campaign strategy, it could be challenging to determine which efforts resulted in potential customers calling your business. However, with call tracking software for your business, you can carry out the necessary analysis to know the lead origin and maximize your campaigns on that platform.   

Choosing A Call Tracking Provider  

There are many vendors who would love to win a contract from you for call tracking software. Though this level of competition generally causes vendors to deliver quality services, there are basic things to look for before you start call tracking for your business: Take the time to go over these essential qualities by asking the following questions: 

  • Value: One of your top priorities should be ensuring value for your money and being cost-effective. Is the provider charging a reasonable price based on the features of the software?  
  • Integrations: Can the software support easy integration of the call data with other metrics? Important platforms to sync with your call tracking software include Salesforce, Google Analytics, Facebook, Google Ads, among others.   
  • Reliability: Does the provider attend to issues as quickly as possible? In case their system fails, do they have a failover that ensures your business processes aren’t disrupted? Can they restore your call data during such an event?  
  • Number Availability: Is the provider able to assign tracking numbers in the area code covered by your business? Is it possible to use toll-free tracking numbers?   
  • Simplicity: Is the software easy to use and understand?  

Having performed a background check of your call tracking software provider, you now need to have the software installed. Below are some benefits that a call tracking software can bring to your business:  

Ease Of Personalized Customer Support   

This technological solution will enable you to track and tag your caller through their journey. You can initiate personalized interactions by routing the calls from your leads depending on factors such as ad campaigns, feedback, and previous engagements. You can then relay this data to a call agent before connecting the lead.   

Maximizes Marketing Campaigns  

Many potential customers will contact your business using information they found in an ad. Usually, when customers are impressed by a brand, the next thing they do is to scroll the page looking for a number to dial. However, you can make the process easier by having a link on your ad poster that says ‘click to call’ or other invitations that will route the lead to your business.   

Depending on the channel you’re using for your campaigns (social media, website, or email), target your demographics by content, ad set, channel, or language and distribute the leads to your agents.   

Easy To Measure Key Metrics  

With a call tracking system, it’s easy to measure the length of a call, the conversion rates, and other important business statistics with the help of reports. Your software should show you the number of contacts dialed and the hold time. Additionally, you should be able to generate automated reports containing customizable columns for call analytics concerning your leads. Following the journey of the customer from the time the call was initiated to when the lead was able to give crucial information can help you map the thought process of your leads.   

Proper Routing Of Calls  

Your customer expects that once they call your business they’ll be accorded the necessary help they need. It’s easy for your potential customers to be turned off if they’re placed on hold for a very long time, or if their call is transferred to the wrong call agent. Depending on the kind of question your customers have, route them to the right department or individual so that you’ll have satisfied customers at the end of the day.   

With call tracking, you can easily solve this challenge by routing incoming calls depending on caller segmentation, pre-lead qualification, and customer intent. With this data in place, you can automatically transfer the call to the best agent available.   

 Generate Phone Numbers For Each Lead  

These are unique numbers that are given to the caller when they contact your brand. This helps your team track several leads at the same time while displaying one phone number per page and link each lead to their source. You may also be able to keep a personalization strategy across your pages.   

Customer Demographics Capture  

A call tracking software is capable of automatically collecting key data such as the name, residential location, age range, and purchase history of each lead. The better you’re capable of knowing your leads, the better you can streamline your marketing campaigns.   

Wrapping Up  

When you’re looking for call tracking software, you must study the features of the software to ensure that it’s what your business needs and that it’s cost-effective. Additionally, optimize your online marketing campaigns using this tool so you can effectively track the journey of your leads. Once everything is in place, you’ll be sure to enjoy the benefits of call tracking software outlined in this blog.   

June McGown