Going To Seed:A Guide to Growing Cannabis

For those not in the cannabis loop, a marijuana seeds usa might be an unknown concept. Their main function is to store, sell, and feminize cannabis seeds. Feminization reduces the possibility of developing male plants and increases the overall yields.

Understanding the Cannabis seed

The female plants are more popular as they grow buds that are laden with THC. The pollen-producing male plants don’t grow buds. Their leaves may only contain small amounts of THC. Which can then be used to create Delta-8 THC products.

In nature, the seeds produce about 50% male and 50% female, rendering half of these plants useless. Seed feminization increases the likelihood of producing female seeds.

A seed bank can offer regular seeds, feminized, and auto-flowering seeds. Regular seeds contain a mix of male and female. 

Feminized seeds are bud-producing females. Auto-flowering seeds mature at a faster pace of about eight weeks, allowing for a greater yield. Feminized and auto-flowering seeds belong to the most exotic weed strains. Learn about what is exotic weed here. 

Grow your marijuana at the beginning of the year, as the growing season usually stretches from March to November. 

Laws regarding the use of Cannabis

The legalities of cannabis vary. States with adult-use legalization allow you to buy, produce, and grow seeds within your state. Depending on Marijuana use statistics, states can make different decisions.

States with medical marijuana legalization require a medical card for purchases. The US prohibits cannabis seeds from being brought into the country. 

Seed banks stock seeds from various breeders. If you live in a legalized state, seeds can be purchased at a dispensary or online. It can prove difficult to find the relevant information regarding seed banks and breeders. 

If a breeder is well-established with a proven track record of positive reviews, this is probably a good sign. 

Cannabis breeders

Renowned breeders in the US include Exotic Genetix and Southern Humboldt Seed Collective. Some breeders upload grow journals online, showing the entire growing process of a specific strain. Blue Dream and Gelato have become popular strains.

Professional breeders will usually ensure the strains undergo numerous rounds of backcrossing. This helps with genetic stabilization.  

Some strains are more resistant to pests and mold. They will prove easier to grow. Choose a cannabis strain that grows quickly, like Indicas, if you live in an area where the weather becomes wet and cold earlier.  

Buying cannabis seeds at a dispensary can be easier, although dispensaries often tend to stock mainly flower and end-products. Speak to the staff to determine their level of expertise.  A novice breeder might sell a new hybrid strain by crossing a female and male plant. This will affect the seed quality. 

Marijuana seeds are usually sold in packs of 10 to 12 seeds at $40 to $500 per pack, depending on the genetic quality. 

Feminized and autoflower seeds are more expensive as more breeding work is needed. Approximately a quarter of your seeds will not germinate or are actually males. 

Begin with about four times the amount needed for regular seeds and twice the amount for feminized seeds.

With the legalization of marijuana becoming more common, Cannabis-lovers need to find a trusted stockist for marijuana seeds. Seed bank companies, such as I Love Growing Marijuana and MSNL Seed Banks are known for their cannabis seed feminization and  cannabis strain development


Marijuana usage is becoming more of an accepted, legal source of recreation across the country. As the online seed market grows in momentum, those who are interested in this type of pastime will need to have a sound knowledge of cannabis horticulture.


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