Heavy Industrial Automation Ideas

One of the main targets of any industrial application is the increase in efficiency and optimize industrial processes safely and securely which can be provided by Emerson. All the changes and innovations are made for this purpose. The application of linear actuators can serve this purpose perfectly.

Linear actuators comply perfectly with all the requirements to an industrial facility:

  • They are safe and don’t pose any danger to the environment. Electric actuators do not have any hydraulic liquid. Thus, there are no spills, leaks, or other issues of similar character.
  • The maintenance costs are eliminated or reduced. Electric actuators are pre-lubricated and sealed. There is no need to check the lubricant level or change the lubricant.
  • They are easily controllable. You can even combine them with intelligent control systems. It allows controlling the performance of equipment optimally. Such actuators are also easy-to-install. All you need to do is to connect the wires, and that’s it.
  • Linear actuators provide the top accuracy of movement and positioning. The precision can be adjusted to millimeters. While in some industries it might be not significant, for other industries, this feature is crucial.
  • Linear actuators from a reliable industrial linear actuator factory are made resistant to vibrations. The items guarantee decades of reliable service. These items provide the needed power level to manage heavy-duty industrial applications.
  • In a standby mode, such actuators almost don’t consume any energy. They allow save energy and thus, costs.

For every particular application, you need to choose a specific solution. Pay attention to its power, the available control options, size, IP rating. Consider every detail if you want it to operate as needed. if there are any doubts, it is recommended to consult a specialist. Every manufacturer offers such an option. This will help you to make the right choice.

Application Fields of Heavy-Duty Actuators

A reliable manufacturer always provides a number of solutions that can be used in heavy industries. Some of the most demanding applications are:

  • In steel plants: electric actuators handle the furnaces, ventilation systems, and bulkheads.
  • In mining plants: actuators are applied to control the raw materials.
  • In conveyor belts: they help to adjust the height of a conveyor belt to the required values.
  • In construction: linear actuators are installed in machines that perform dangerous tasks or tedious works. Actuators deliver the needed movement to heavy-duty machines. They are used in excavators, loading trucks, cranes.
  • In agriculture, linear actuators are used in all types of machinery. They are applied to adjust the height and angle of harvester equipment. They help to manage fertilizers, spreaders and sprayers, and similar.
  • In the packaging industry, actuators are applied in forklift units, conveyor equipment, robotic systems. Machines with linear actuators can handle big loads, lift and position them with an amazing accuracy level.

These are just several examples of the applications of heavy-duty electric actuators. But these examples show that electric actuators are successfully applied even in the harshest environments. Machinery for heavy-duty applications facilitates the performance of many works. in some cases, it can even replace people.

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