Getting Started Selling on Amazon

Whether you’re looking to launch a successful side business or are ready to work for yourself, selling on Amazon provides a sizable and rewarding opportunity. Contrary to what some online marketers would have you think, it is not an easy way to make money. While Paid search and display advertising services can make your job easier, you still have your work cut out for you.

With 150 million users, Amazon is the most used shopping app in the country, and over 4000 goods are sold by small and medium-sized American businesses on Amazon every minute. Although technology gives everyone access to new opportunities, not everyone benefits from it. You need a decent budget, a lot of effort, and a lot of dedication to succeed. Many people who start their Amazon careers quit before they get a chance to excel.

What you need to start selling on Amazon

You must submit the following details in order to start selling on Amazon:

  • Both your Social Security number and your company’s Federal Tax ID number are recognized methods of tax identification.
  • Name and contact details for the business you use.
  • The tax ID number for the state.
  • E-mail
  • You must include a phone number throughout the registration process.
  • credit card used abroad.

Create a free Amazon account.

Let’s start by looking at the benefits of Amazon individual seller accounts for you. When you initially register for a marketplace account, you’ll be offered the option of choosing an individual seller account or a professional seller account.

Personal seller’s account

Although opening a personal account is free, each Amazon purchase you make will cost $0.99. Every Amazon sale also includes referral and closure fees. Individual suppliers cannot complete the following tasks:

  • Obtain thorough inventory reports.
  • Sell illegal items or products that only fit into certain categories.
  • Utilize Amazon’s advertising options.
  • Organize promotions
  • Create a lot of listings.
  • You may add as many users to your account as you like.
  • Make adjustments to the existing product detail pages or create new ones.
  • Calculate the cost of shipping.

List your items now.

You must register as a seller on Amazon and upload your desired items in order to start selling. Individual sellers must list one item at a time; professional sellers may add items in quantity.

When it comes to classifying your items, you have two choices:

Already-listed products in the Amazon marketplace

You might be able to use stock images and descriptions if you have a product that is comparable to yours. Make sure to provide details about the products’ condition, cost, and available shipping options whether you’re selling new or used items.

Products not yet available on Amazon

It’s a sure thing because no other merchants have this item.

What you’ll need to list these things is as follows:

  • A picture of the products with a white background and a clear image of them
  • Think about describing your goods in the form of bulleted lists to attract potential buyers.
  • a list of possible search phrases that customers might use to find your goods.

When you’ve listed every item, it should be easy to find them. Rarely, processing your listings might take up to 24 hours. You should contact Amazon if the procedure takes longer than you anticipated to ensure everything is in order.

Having a personal account has the advantage that there is no upfront payment, despite what would seem to be a lengthy list of restrictions.

Experienced seller account

You will pay $39.99 a month for a professional account in addition to additional referral fees and varying closing charges for each deal you close. Compared to individual vendors, “professional” merchants do not have to pay an extra $0.99 for each item sold. A professional seller account has additional benefits, such as the capacity to use advertising tools, thorough inventory information, and conducting promotions.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.