Five Strategies to Engage and Attract Jobseekers

The marketplace for jobs is a competitive environment,
which means businesses have a wealth of options at their fingertips. However,
that also means it can be harder to see the best talent among the crowd. For this
reason, it is crucial that you have the ability to engage and gravitate the
best professionals towards your openings. So, how do you do that?

#1: You Use the Best Job-Search Platforms

Step one in your journey to attracting top talent is
to make sure you advertise your position on the best job-search sites. Use more
than one and also advertise on your own website and social media accounts.

One of the most effective places to advertise is on
Jobrapido because of their smart AI technology which matches all related jobs
to a single search. If you search for particular jobs in Manchester, all related jobs will be given to the user, which
increases your chances of being seen by the right people compared to other job
sites with restricted search algorithms.

#2: You Build an Employer Brand on LinkedIn

Attracting professionals comes way before you post
your job advert. You need to build engagement with talented professionals prior
to any opening becomes available so you already have a line of people waiting
for your next opening. This can be done by developing an employer brand – and
is best achieved on LinkedIn.

To build your employer brand you need to involve your
employees and get them speaking on your behalf. They may host a Q and A session
with a manager or even do something more relaxed as host an office tour and
other behind-the-scenes-type content.

#3: You Start campus Recruiting

Getting in there early is an ethos most businesses
have when it comes to products and service, highlighting their innovative
streaks. Yet, the same attitude is not always applied when recruiting – but it
should be. Start making yourself known around university campuses from Manchester
to London so more of the upcoming professionals already know about your
business. Attending university job fairs
and offering internships is a good start.

#4: You Consider a Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance has become one of the biggest pulls
for top professionals. They demand the freedom to be able to work remotely and
it is your job to help them spend as much time unwinding from work as possible.
Some companies have even started switching off access to email accounts once
5pm strikes.

#5: You Reward Employee Referrals

Businesses can also use their current employees to
attract staff. Implementing a rewards system where staff’s successful job
recommendations are successful can be positive for everyone. You get the right
person for the job and your current employee is likely to be happier and

There may be a lot of applicants to your job listings,
but unless you follow some of the above tips you are likely to attract
sub-standard applications while your competitors eat up all the exceptional


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