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It is very hard to believe for many of the people that approximately more than 40% of the people who are using the Smartphone’s are prone to several kinds of vulnerabilities and attacks on their devices but this is the hard reality. The threats into cyber security have increased significantly which is the main reason that authorities are coming with several kinds of initiatives and ways of dealing with all these kinds of risks so that everything can be tackled the best possible manner. One such a great initiative or step was taken by the authorities in this particular field is the OWASP mobile top 10 list. This list can be termed as the most comprehensive list that will help in providing a complete idea about the vulnerabilities and threats associated with the security of mobile applications which will further provide the people with several kinds of advantages in the form of practices to be implemented so that security can be enhanced. This particular list includes the categorization is in the form of M1-M10 which are very much similar in terms of character to their web application counterparts and are optimized for the mobile experiences. This particular list provides the proper comparative idea about the operating systems, execution engines, security schemes and several other things so that developers can recognize the very basic forms very easily.

 Following is the proper comprehensive bifurcation of this list:

 -M1- Improper platform usage: This particular point deals with miss-usage or failure to perform the basic and platform development based guidelines along with security features at the most common conventions. It could be because of the liberal permissions, poor engineering, key storage and several other things.

 -M2-Insecure data storage: This particular point raises the concerns associated with the protection of the applications in the form of weaknesses and it is considered to be a threat for all kinds of applications which have been unprotected and have to be viewed, cracked or stiffed properly.

 -M3-Insecure communication: This particular point deals with the concerns associated with the data in transit and one of the mobile applications very well fit into the client/server models which for the races several kinds of analysis over this particular point. This can be defined as the video and audio streaming systems along with the traditional systems. There are several kinds of multiple channels along with the IP type channel in addition to the traditional ones.

 -M4 – Insecure authentication: This particular thing can be hacked with the help of credential stuffing and session hijacking. The mobiles always use cases which come with shorter passwords and biometric controls with the underlying assumption that the devices are always under the primary control.

 -M5-Insufficient cryptography: This particular threat is very high in this particular list but many of the people are highly surprised because there are several kinds of cryptography platforms and practices which are followed by companies but still there is no as such effect because threats are still prevalent a lot.

 -M6 – Insecure authorization: In proper regard to the mobile specifically this can be talked about the application on the phone which is accessing everything on the phone for example Contacts, GPS then several other things. Some of the authorizations requests are directly associated with making sense but some of them are not sensible and many a time’s people are not interested in giving them complete access to everything on the phone.

 -M7-Client code quality: The whole world of application security lives around this particular point and this can be termed as a very deep as well as a developer based heavy topic but there are still many kinds of companies which provide proper security to the consumers in this particular field with the help of these kinds of points by properly implementing the developmental operations along with application security.

 -M8–Code tempering: This particular point can lead to several kinds of issues for example loss of revenue because of the piracy and the reputational damage for the companies in case the companies do not pay proper attention to this particular point. Normally it is termed as the cousin of supply chain weakness and it will always rowdy manipulations in several kinds of cases. To deal with these particular things will kinds of practices have to be implemented by the companies to enhance the protection and security levels all the time.

 -M9 – Reverse engineering: This particular point also deals with several kinds of security-related threats which make the exploitation of the application very easy along with proper detect ability. This concept is very much successful in revealing the information about the back end servers and also reveal the cryptography constants very easily which could lead to the cases of stealing of intellectual property. As a business, there should be no compromise over the backend systems as it can lead to intellectual property theft and reputational damage. To deal with this particular thing the companies need to accurately perform the cross-functional analysis and understand all the contents of the binary string table so that accurate reactions are always there.

 – M10 – Extraneous functionality: This particular thing has to be understood by all the companies so that they can predict the behavior of the attackers and can also find out the hidden functionalities into systems. This will also make the expedition very easy ended activity, in this case, will be average. There could be unauthorized access to the sensitive functionality or it could lead to reputational damage as well as intellectual property.

 Hence, to deal with all these kinds of things the organizations need to implement several kinds of best quality practices so that they can solve all the issues very easily. All the developers also need to understand the source code related things so that this can be identified and managed properly which could further lead to overall goal achievement efficiently and easily. Hence, with the implementation of best practices provided by this particular list the companies will be very much successful in providing the customers with the safest and secure applications all the time. 

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