Escaping Tax Calculations for Small Business Owners

Evaluating taxes can be considered as a rite of passage to adulthood. This particular job is so difficult and time-consuming that the internet is flooded with jokes and memes on taxation and its subsequent calculation. The primary factor that makes this task a daunting one for the common person is the understanding of the complex fiscal processes undertaken by the respective governments.

Types of Taxpayers

Almost all of the renowned governments have buckets of the amount that would decide what amount of money is to be paid by an individual or organization in the form of taxes. The primary types of taxpayers include:


  • Generic Individuals who are employed in an organization (government, corporate, private, and others)
  • Small Business Owners
  • Large Corporate Houses

There are various other kinds of taxpayers, which more or less are covered by these three primary categories.

Why is tax calculation so difficult?

There are various factors, which contribute to the high difficulty levels in tax calculation. While the primary goal of taxes is to increase the governments’ annual revenue, there are other contexts of enforceability, efficiency, and fairness that are induced in the tax policies devised by the governments.

Besides, the government has targets set for groups along with industries while devising these policies that make it altogether quite a mélange of complicated calculations when it comes to paying the taxes. Since taxes are devised to ensure overall economic prosperity considering the various sectors that operate within a country, simplicity often takes a backseat for calculating the taxes.

Automatic Tax Calculator: Savior of the millennia

It is the small business owners who are the worst sufferers in tax calculations because they do not have any invoice of deducted taxes from employers and neither can they hire expensive chartered accountants to do their taxes. Therefore, the self employment tax calculator comes as quite a relief to the small business owners.

These automatic tax calculators calculate the taxes that you need to pay, where the only inputs from your part are:

  • Place of residence
  • Status of your tax filing
  • Expected annual income
  • Declaration of W2 Income

Then you are just a click away from your calculated taxes.

The results show that total taxes owed along with a break-up of the federal and state taxes separately. In some cases, they also provide the information of your taxes paid in previous fiscal years. Some sites show the percentage break-up of the tax amount utilization as well.

How do these tax calculators function?

The websites that manage these tax calculators pre-feeds all the minute calculations in their databases so that when the user provides the variable values, the site retrieves information quickly. They also maintain their databases with any latest changes in policies introduced by the government that might affect tax calculations.

These websites often charge a nominal amount in return for their services provided. Therefore, it is better to go through such multiple sites and look for the best for automatic tax calculation.

Dorian Koci

Dr. Dorian Koçi is a historian, Director of National Historical Museum of Albania and lecturer in Tirana State University, Faculty of History and Philology and New York University of Tirana.