Eric J Dalius cites three crucial reasons for your business to adopt the cashless model

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In particular, millennials prefer digital payments that are growing in popularity, and it is catching up with people across the demographics. The fast-spreading popularity of digital payments is evident in introducing new payment options on mobile, consisting of various wallets offered by multiple companies. Ecommerce platforms are using digital payment as a tool to attract new customers and make their shopping experience smoother and comfortable, explain Eric Dalius, an expert marketer of more than two decades. The growth of digital payments is going to gather further momentum and increase by 28% in 2022, according to the Global Payment Report of 2018, published by Worldpay.

Going the trend, the time might not be too far when businesses would be ready to give up dealing in cash transactions altogether. Although it might seem crazy to think about people switching over to digital payments in all walks of life, the underlying benefits of such transactions point to the transition’s high chances, feels Eric J Dalius.  If small businesses go cashless, they can hope to reap the following benefits.

Boosts checkout efficiency

The checkout process plays a critical role in the success of businesses, and the smoother it is more; it is the customer attraction who enjoys the smooth buying experience. That is why many companies switching over to mobile order and pay apps so that customers can pay ahead of time. As this process ensures contactless transactions, it is gaining traction during the Covid19 crisis due to its ability to cut off the chain of virus transmission.  Stores are heading towards operations without cashiers, and customers are happy with the speed of transactions without checkouts and queues. According to EJ Dalius, the cashless business model gives more flexibility in business operations. It is easy to participate in a local business fair or set up a popup shop that eliminates managing cash physically. 

Manage your accounts easily

Managing cash is a headache because it involves counting every penny and tallying it with the transactions. Reconciling the money at the end of the day becomes a headache, and it can be very frustrating when the physical balance does not tally with the transaction record. But during digital transactions, the recording and reconciliation happen in real-time, and you can track and match every transaction from the moment it is undertaken. Digital recording systems are almost error-free, and the process saves time. It also eliminates a large part of the banking activities involving depositing cash and bankrolls.  Having real-time cash slow data in hand, you will be able to control your cash flow better.

Lesser risk

Dealing in cash increases the risk of theft. The risk is not only due to intrusion by some external people, but businesses must also be alert about their employees misappropriating the company cash during handling. The threat of robberies is too high, and there is always some concern about ensuring safety, which simply vanishes when you go for digital transactions.

However, consider the nature of your business and the customer base because the cashless model might not suits all kinds of companies.

Heron Nelson

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