Encouraging Employees to Return to Work with Office Disinfection

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses switched to a remote work model for their employees to keep operations running. Now that things have started to return to normal, your company may have begun encouraging employees to return to work, only to discover that they need a bit of coaxing. Office disinfection is now a critical consideration.

There are many reasons why your business might want to have employees return to the office. Perhaps you’d like to strengthen your teams and improve communication; maybe your employees have become disconnected during their time away. 

Employees want to feel safe in their work environment. Knowing that they won’t be at risk of exposure to infectious diseases when at the office is a crucial part of that. Office disinfection is essential for protecting the people in your workplace. 

How Disinfection Can Make Employees Feel Secure

Pre-pandemic, many workplace employees may not have worried much about office cleanliness, but the world has changed. In a poll conducted by health and hygiene company Essity, 65% of workers were concerned about cleanliness when contemplating a return to work.

Some workers may hesitate to return to the workplace without assurances that they’ll be safe. If office disinfection measures were lax or nonexistent before your employees began working at home, they might be unwilling to return at all unless you can demonstrate a safe, clean environment for everyone. 

Disinfection Options for Business Owners

There are many options to keep your workplace safe. Choose the one that best suits your business needs.

Routine Cleaning

The CDC instructs that daily cleaning of all workplace surfaces is usually enough to combat the spread of infectious disease where all your employees are healthy. When an employee becomes ill, that person should quarantine, and you should clean surfaces more often. 

Surfaces should be cleaned with alcohol or bleach-based chemicals to effectively destroy potential viruses or bacteria on surfaces. High-touch surfaces should be wiped routinely throughout the day. 

UV-C Light Disinfection Systems

UV-C light disinfection systems offer an alternative solution to the harsh chemicals otherwise required to kill harmful bacteria and viruses. These systems use powerful UV light to prevent reproduction and cause the inactivation of harmful microbes. 

Disinfection systems are programmed to disinfect the air with UV rays continuously. UV disinfection systems can also be equipped with air filters to clean the air. The safest systems only emit 222 nanometers of light, making them safe for humans and potent against microbes. 

Make Office Disinfection a Priority in Your Business

To encourage your employees to return to work, demonstrate to them that their health is your priority. Take measures to adopt routine cleaning practices so that everyone can feel safe.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.