Don’t Miss These Windows 10 Tips & Tricks

If you’ve recently purchased a new Windows 10 computer you may feel overwhelmed, especially if your previous was more than a few operating systems behind. Microsoft has made several changes to Windows 10, but these tips & tricks will leave you amazed.

Increase Startup Speed of Your Computer

Does it seem like your computer takes forever to get to a usable state after you turn it on, let alone try and download? You can increase the startup speed of your computer by disabling some programs. Click Start and then type “msconfig” without the quotes. Choose the startup tab on the System Configuration menu that pops up. Simply check or uncheck any programs you don’t want to appear when you start your computer.

Save Important Files in the Cloud

You should always backup your important files in the cloud. There are several free cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. Sign up for and download the program associated to start syncing your files to the cloud. Remember never to sync any sensitive personal information, like passwords to other accounts.

Ability to Earn Extra Money

There are plenty of ways you can make money on the side. Consider running a blog with ads that chronicles your traveling experiences or a hobby of yours. You can also review and recommend products on Amazon and make money through affiliate links.

Minimize All Programs at Once

Need a quick way to minimize all the windows on your desktop computer? You can do so simply by pressing the Windows Key + D. This command will minimize all programs running to the taskbar and give you a view of the desktop. Pressing Windows + D again will return the windows to their original position.

Copy A File Without Right Click

Tired of always right-clicking on a file to get to the cut/copy/paste commands? Each of those commands has keyboard shortcuts, but you can also copy a file by holding CTRL and dragging the file where you want it.

  • CTRL + C = Copy
  • CTRL + X = Cut
  • CTRL + V = Paste

Delete A Whole Word Using Backspace

Have you ever accidentally typed a word you didn’t mean to type? Instead of pressing backspace multiple times to delete the offending word, just hold CTRL and press backspace. Word will delete the whole word and place the cursor ready for what you actually meant to type. This shortcut can be used in multiple programs in Windows.

Paste Text Without Formatting

If you’ve ever copied a sentence or paragraph from the web and pasted it in a Word document, you know it copies the formatting along with it. Here’s how to remove the formatting easily. After you have pasted the text, highlight it again and use the command CTRL + Spacebar to remove all formatting.  CTRL + SHIFT + V also works in some Windows programs.

Easy Tab Switching

If you browse the internet with lots of tabs open, you may be selecting each tab with your mouse. Stop it; there’s a much easier keyboard shortcut that will change your life once you learn it. CTRL + Tab will switch to the next tab in the list of tabs you have open. You can also switch to the tab you want by specifying its number in your row of tabs.

  • CTRL + 1 = First Tab
  • CTRL + 2 = Second Tab

Using any number will take you to the number of tabs you have open in that browser. This is especially useful if you work with a series of pinned tabs always open, as you can quickly memorize their order.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.