Do You Really Need Artist Business Cards? Yes, and Here’s Why

Have you ever wondered how you could grow your business as a freelance artist?

Since art is your passion, you shouldn’t have to spend a bunch of your valuable time marketing or hunting down more clients. In a perfect world, your art would speak for itself and draw the clients in.

Do you want to learn one simple way you can get closer to making that dream a reality? Keep reading to learn 8 reasons why you should make your own artist business cards.

1. You Can Showcase Your Art

Creating artistic business cards can entice people to check out more of your portfolio on your business website or social media. You can think of business cards as a guaranteed way to make a great first impression because you get to choose which samples people see first.

Even if you choose not to include any of your past art projects on your business card, you can still treat your card as a canvas for an appealing design. These tips can help you create the most stunning, professional business cards that you’ll be proud to hand out.

2. You’ll Make a Lasting Impression

We’re all guilty of meeting new people and forgetting their name the second after they introduce themselves. When you give someone your business card, they’ll be a lot more interested in learning more about you and becoming a client. If you include a headshot on your business card, people will be able to put your name to your face, too.

Aside from helping people remember who you are, your art will speak volumes about your talent. If you can blow someone away by giving them a beautiful business card, you’ll be the first artist they call when they need work done.

3. You Can Write Personal Notes on the Back

Did your parents ever make you write thank you notes to everyone who gave you gifts during holidays and birthdays? Although this chore was tedious, they were trying to teach you proper etiquette that can come in handy as an adult.

One of the best tips to remember when you design your business cards is to leave the back blank white so you have space to write a personal message. Buying plain paper instead of glossy will also ensure your message is legible and doesn’t smudge.

The best part about leaving empty space on your business cards is that you can write anything you want that would encourage someone to become your client. You could write artistic suggestions, a friendly message like saying it was nice to meet them, or a specific detail from your conversation that shows you were engaged while you interacted.

4. Business Cards for Artists Are Affordable Advertisement

If you buy business cards in bulk, each card can cost a few cents, which makes them a worthwhile investment. Since they’re inexpensive, you won’t have to feel bad about handing them out like candy. The more people who have the chance to learn about your skills, the more clients you can attract.

Other types of advertisements can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars without guaranteeing any sales. You may have to hand out dozens of business cards before you get some bites, but the cost and minimal effort makes it all worth it.

Another bonus of making your own business cards is that anything you do pay can be written off as a tax deductible. Even though business cards are cheap, every dollar counts during the tax season.

5. Art Business Cards Prove You’re Dedicated and Professional

Did you know that there are over 57 million freelancers in America alone? Although not every freelancer is an artist, you’ll still be competing with millions of other talented creators. Having your own business card is a simple but effective way you can stand out from the competition.

Not only will business cards help you look more professional, but they also show that you’re dedicated to your craft. Businesses want to work with artists who are experienced and ready to form long-term working relationships. Giving someone a thoughtful, unique business card is the quickest way to prove you’re the real deal.

6. Having an Artist Business Card Can Make You More Confident and Social

Lots of artists feel uncomfortable talking about themselves, but you’ll be able to get a lot more work by putting yourself out there as much as you can. Having a professional business card makes it much easier to sell yourself to strangers. With this confidence boost, you’ll be able to start conversations, talk about your work, and hand people your card without breaking a sweat.

7. Business Cards Are Easy to Share

Since business cards are so small and lightweight, people are more likely to accept one when you offer it to them and save it to look at later. Even if someone doesn’t need your services, they may know someone who could. As long as they have your business card, they can easily share your information with friends and colleagues.

8. You Can Get More Clients

As a result of all these previous reasons, having your own artist business cards will lead to you getting more clients. Business cards are enticing, they act as a mini sample, they make you more memorable, and they’re professional. With so much to gain and nothing to lose, there’s no reason why any artist shouldn’t have a business card.

Creating Artist Business Cards Can Revolutionize Your Craft

It may not sound like much, but creating your own artist business cards can work wonders for your freelance work. Once you start handing them out, you’ll be surprised by how many more clients you’ll get.

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Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.