Cruise Line Businesses Face Personal Injury Claims Stemming from the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by storm. This virus started in southern China where it quickly spread to the rest of the world including Europe and the United States. The coronavirus is incredibly contagious, being transmitted through the air when people cough on each other. This makes enclosed spaces, such as cruise ships, particularly vulnerable to the spread of this virus. This is exactly what happened on one of the Grand Princess ocean liners, one of the leading cruise lines in the world. Now, this cruise line faces personal injury claims from passengers.

In a lawsuit, cruise passengers are claiming that the cruise ship did not have proper safety and screening protocols in place. As a result, the passengers are claiming that the negligence of the cruise ship led to the development of emotional trauma stemming from the spread of the coronavirus through the ship. The passengers are claiming that the cruise ship placed their own profits above the safety of their passengers, leading to severe emotional distress in response to the fear of contracting the coronavirus.

When this cruise ship docked on California, 21 people on the ship tested positive for the coronavirus. Most of these people were members of the crew. The ship had 2,400 passengers who disembarked. Then, they were placed in protective quarantine for an extended period of time. People who are coming from infected areas of the world, including cruise ships, are often placed in quarantine. This is because the virus might be present in someone’s body for two weeks without showing any symptoms. During this time, the virus can still be passed from person to person. This means that someone can transmit the virus to someone else even if they don’t know they’re infected. For this reason, many people are placed in quarantine for an extended period of time.

The lawsuit claims that the cruise line should have had measures in place to screen people on the ship for the coronavirus before unnecessarily exposing the passengers to this risk. The lawsuit states that if these screening measures were in place, passengers would have been better protected from this pandemic. It remains to be seen what sort of response the cruise line is going to have to this lawsuit. According to Ankin Law Office, personal injury lawsuits stem from “negligent or intentional acts that result in personal injuries” which includes exposures to possible illnesses.

This lawsuit only serves to demonstrate that employers need to take the proper precautions in light of this pandemic. The coronavirus is particularly deadly for elderly people and those who have chronic medical conditions that may lead to a weakened immune system. As the world struggles to get control of the situation, it is important for everyone to do their part to keep others safe.


Alex Hamilton