Creative Ways to Make Reusable Bags Benefit Your Business

It is common knowledge that a business needs to make profits to thrive. But should this come at the expense of everything? Not at all. 

If anything, business is about people and about offering solutions. There should be more with regards to leaving people better off than they were before the said firm intervened. One such way is to embrace the importance of the environment as a business and work to preserve it. 

An area of concern for most businesses is packaging. What options should a business go for, with regard to cost and safety? 

Most businesses consider plastic to be cheaper, making it a viable option. Yet, science reveals to us that it takes years to decompose plastic. This means that using such bags for instance, is harmful to both the environment and wildlife. 

The good news is that businesses can now make use of reusable non-plastic bags instead. Not only does the environment benefit but also the business profits as well.

Here are some ways to better your business practice by using reusable bags and benefit.

  1. Get rid of disposable bags and introduce reusable functional bags

This is a simple and subtle way to champion for your customers to conserve the environment. It is already happening in most local departmental stores. 

Most customers will appreciate not having to buy a disposable bag every time they shop. For businesses that give them out for free, this saves you the money that goes into servicing that cost.

You can design functional bags that encourage your customers to use the bags more than once. Your customers should be able to wash the reusable bags when they get dirty. They should be hard enough to sustain different loads and weights. 

Offer a discount as an incentive to get your customers to buy them. At the end of the day, ensure that the business recovers the money spent on making the bags. If you are able to make a profit from this and still leave your customers satisfied, then that is a win. 

  1. Customize the reusable bags and market yourself to the world

The world already celebrates you for conserving the environment by this point. Your customers are very likely happy that they now don’t have to keep buying disposable bags. Your business is definitely saving bucks from selling the reusable bags. 

What if you could now capitalize on that to sell yourself? Moreover, this is an opportunity to invite your customers to love your brand. They get to buy customized bags embellished with your company brand message. 

First, make them affordable to encourage your customers to buy them. Second, ensure the math adds up and that you can make profits from your sales. 

Providing personalized bags that have your company message to your customers is smart. Like billboards or buying ad space, your customers give you publicity. This kind of marketing will increase your brand awareness. 

Furthermore, you will have sold the customized bags to your customers and made a profit. This means that your customers are paying to advertise for you. How sweet can that be?

  1. Produce your customized bags in bulk

If you want to get the most from your marketing budget then you should consider ordering in bulk. Bulk productions attract lower rates. Hence, the higher the number of customized bags you order the lower the price will be per bag. You should determine the number of bags you need to avoid taking excess. The only way you can make profits from ordering bulk customized bags is if you get to sell them all.

  1. Find the right opportunity to launch your custom bags

Customization of reusable bags involves time and skill. Knowing what you need helps inform the expected turnaround time. The less the better for business. When to launch them helps to gain more sales. A good time would be when you are running a product product activation or marketing campaign. Time your events well and plan with important dates and holidays in mind for better sales. 


Consumer preference plays a big part in creating the ideal customized bag. Most consumers are aware of the dangers of single-use plastic bags. Introducing reusable bags becomes a win-win for everyone as well as the environment. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.