Business Update: How Covid-19 Pandemic has affected the job of matchmakers

The pandemic has affected everyone in different ways. The disruption caused by Covid-19 meant businesses couldn’t operate in the usual way.  The whole world was forced to stay locked inside their houses due to social distancing and global lockdown. When Covid-19 showed no signs of slowing down, life seemed like it ceased to exist after countries entered strict lockdowns that separated families and changed how we approached love. 

As everybody was inside their houses, they got time to think about their life and they realized how lonely and depressed they were. People need emotional support in the times like this so more singles started turning to date/matrimonial sites and matchmaking services to help them meet potential matches. Marriages could not happen because of safety measures and social distancing. 

Matchmaking Sevices


Matchmaking services and dating apps have never been so busy despite screen fatigue and isolation. Dating apps and matchmaking services were forced to evolve, create new digital facilities, and expand their offers and methods to keep the users engaged and help them search for their partners. There were a lot of options for users, people were spending more time getting to know each other which led to more virtual communication before the relationship was taken offline. 

How does business got affected?

  1. The business of matchmaking bloomed during and post-pandemic but it also made the job of matchmakers more complicated than ever before. Matching two people and arranging a marriage takes endless rounds of meetings and negotiations between two families, most of which used to take place in hotels, and restaurants. But hotels, restaurants, and all the other places were closed and families did not want to invite each other to their homes because of the fear of Covid-19. 
  2. Matchmakers tried arranging meetings on zoom, but it didn’t work out because it is not a place where singles can meet their families can discuss and see each other’s houses and lifestyles. And at the time of Covid, people wanted a simple wedding, those who wanted to spend Rs. 50 lakh wish to spend only Rs. 5 lakh on a wedding. 
  3. Matchmakers’ business has gone down; their income has crashed like never before. Virtual dates changed the way of dating and relationships. Now matchmakers have to coach their clients on how to have a great zoom date, the right background- no dirty laundry and garbage, and good lighting can go a long way to make a solid first impression. 
  4. They had to teach them how to set boundaries and make an eventual in-person meeting fix while still maintaining social distancing. Many of the matchmakers observed that they have clients who feel comfortable meeting for a socially distanced date but also had many clients who preferred to meet virtually which actually saved their time and energy. 
  5. Matchmakers were doing double the amount of coaching sessions as they were a year ago. They were doing more phone calls, video chats, and meetings with clients, and talking about the new challenges they’re encountering with dating during a pandemic. 

Positive results in the worst situation


  1. Even though the job of matchmakers got tough but it also provided them an opportunity to help people through their service. Apparently, there were a lot of people who found partners and got married during these adverse times. They were able to find someone who matches their interests and chemistry. Matchmakers have seen that during Covid-19 people learned more about themselves and recognized their own patterns and internal hardships and the ways they are getting in their own way of connecting and creating healthy relationships. 
  1. Matchmakers were surprised to see a flood of interest at a time when the world was told to stay home. Matchmakers got a huge load of clients afterlife became normal and everyone can get out of their houses. They were ready for long-term relationships and ready for marriage commitment with the right person. People were ready to pay any amount for a matchmaker or dating coach.
  1.  Many of the clients were people who were too occupied by work and travel to focus on dating before the pandemic but now they really want to connect with people in a genuine and authentic way. They want to go on a picnic date instead of an expensive dinner in a five-star hotel. 
  1. Matchmakers personally create their client’s profiles that are appealing and teach them how to start a conversation that is engaging enough to know each other better.

Challenges faced by matchmakers


It was challenging for people to socialize again after two years of lockdown, all the people were having anxiety with the thought of meeting new people. Those who have found their perfect match in the virtual dates, now have to meet in person. This is a bit challenging, that’s why matchmakers go with them to make them feel comfortable and help them communicate with each other.

Matchmakers are dating coaches and therapists also; they know how to handle human behavior and emotions. They are very good at reading their client’s minds and what they are looking for. After the lockdown everyone had so much going on in their mind, they were traumatized because of the disaster this virus brought. People were emotionally broken, and helpless and they didn’t know what to do with their lives. 

Matchmakers have helped them a lot to come out of their anxiety and depression and live their life. So many couples were living together during lockdown; some are still together, are arranging their marriages and some have broken up due to a lack of chemistry and emotional understanding between them. 

Covid really helped couples to see through their relationships with a different mindset and perspective. Matchmakers helped their clients to rethink and reprocess what they really want. Sometimes we make impulsive decisions in life which we regret later. For a stable relationship, we need to communicate well to understand feelings and emotions of each other. Matchmakers teach them how to communicate and compromise in small fights. 

People have gone through depression, anxiety, unemployment, and the loss of their loved ones. Matchmakers help them to meet new people and then just enjoy taking things from there.

Jared Freen

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