Computer Running Slow? 4 Signs It Needs A Repair

It’s no news – computers have become a modern-day necessity and how! Life has started revolving around technology so much these days, that we cannot imagine even a single day without it.

Funnily, even our weekends and ‘off-days’ remain fairly incomplete without watching shows and remaining stuck on the computer screens all day. It won’t be wrong to articulate that this very digital culture has successfully taken us in its tight grasp, and we cannot help but continue to be that way – seized!

Rightly, a recent research revealed how almost 80% of the households worldwide are equipped with a personal computer! And since a computer is this imperative, there is absolutely no chance that you would want to risk its robustness. So, beware! If you are witnessing any of the below-mentioned signs, it’s about time you seek computer repairs in Australia at the earliest:

1. Your computer refuses to turn on

Ugh come on, obviously, you didn’t think your computer abruptly refused to turn on as normal, did you? Well, to begin with, the first and the most prominent sign that your computer needs a repair is when it just doesn’t turn on no matter how bad you try.

This probably happens when you fail to recognize those little signs and hints your computer has been trying to give you for a long time. When you fail to resolve those minute issues, they tend to pile up and your computer eventually gives in to the persistent issues.

Well, most of the time, this issue can be resolved at home only if you are aware of the technical curve a little. But it’s always preferable to look for a professional to eradicate this problem. Besides, you also get to learn how to take proper care of your computer.

2. Your computer is running very slowly

Again, a signal to look out for. And honestly, you cannot even ignore this one – it is just that irritating. Honestly speaking, there aren’t many things as bad as a lagging computer. Like, spending hours on a task that could’ve been done and dusted in minutes – nothing short of absolute dismay!

But beware, besides being a total discomfort for you, this ‘slo-mo’ is also equally unhealthy for your computer and reflects that it is in dire need of a repair. There could be many reasons behind this though – either your PC is loaded with junk files, or maybe your software is outdated.

But, the most dangerous reason could be a hard drive failure. In any case, it is highly suggested you get your PC a repair or get ready to get a new one.

3. Your PC just freezes

Again, an absolute dismay! Just imagine – you got a call from your boss to take a look at the statistics and give him a report in just a matter of minutes. You open the PC and double tap on the icon – but it just refuses to take any commands! What peer pressure, right?

So, if your computer has also started lagging and freezes once in a while, start taking precautions – you might be just one bad day away from landing in one such situation. However, in other news, this mainly happens when your operating system is outdated.

Or, if viruses have managed to sneak into the system, then most evidently, this is how it shows. Hence, get a repair as soon as you can. You should never ignore this one sign at any cost.

4. Your computer starts acting weird

Yes, you heard us right. Technically, when you turn on the computer, the only thing that should be making a noise should be the fan.

But if your Disk Drive ejects abruptly or your screen gets jammed with all sorts of weird error codes, that’s when you should probably get concerned – that nothing but your computer almost pleading you to get it repaired.

If left unchecked, this problem ends up becoming the reason why your computer fails to function. So, the best you should do is get the computer repairs done, as soon as you can.

Over to you…

A computer needs pampering too. And if you fail to fulfill its needs, it ends up becoming trash. And obviously, you wouldn’t want your most useful asset to become useless, just so easy. So, here we cited 4 signs that computers exhibit if they need a repair. Read this guide and examine your PC right away. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.