Practical Information On The Coinberry Cryptocurrency Exchange

Coinberry offers a quick and easy method for Canadians to buy bitcoin and ether using Interac bank transfers. The exchange started using Interac support just at the appropriate time in mid-2018 when many Canadian banks started announcing restrictions on customer’s ability to buy cryptocurrency. Although Coinberry is a user-friendly platform, it is not the ideal tool for a regular trader. Even though the company bills itself as offering a zero-fee crypto service, this is not entirely true. The exchange earns a profit each time one of their customers places an order. It does this by offering less-than-favorable prices to the customer at the time of purchase.

The Pros 

· The exchange integrates with Canada’s most favored crypto exchanges.

· The platform has highly-rated mobile apps for Android and iOS.

· Leadership possesses significant business experience.

· No fees are charged for withdrawing fiat money.

· Immediate identity verification is done via TransUnion/Equifax.

· No fees are charged for withdrawals and deposits.

The Cons

· The service is only available in Canada.

· “Dynamic” transaction fees might be high or low, contingent on a series of factors.

New Partnership With New Features

Coinberry publicized a new feature in July of 2018 – Interac integration. Interaction is a payment network that permits Canadian residents to utilize their bank account to pay for services and goods. You can find the report on Crypto Head. News of the latest feature came at the appropriate time for cryptocurrency aficionados in Canada. Several Canadian banks had declared new restrictions on customers, preventing them from buying cryptocurrency. In the same month, Coinberry announced that they would be collaborating with the Toronto-based cryptocurrency exchange, Bunz. Bunz offers a digital currency named BTZ that exchange rewards to traders. In turn, traders can then utilize BTZs to purchase goods in various breweries and coffee shops in Toronto. This agreement allows people to deposit BTZ into their Coinberry account and converting them into dollars.

Regulatory And Legal Compliance

Coinberry advertises itself as being Canada’s first federal registered commission-free cryptocurrency trading platform. As part of their statutory compliance scheme, the exchange upholds written documents that outline its responsibilities under the law. It also employed a compliance officer to ensure these responsibilities are met. Moreover, Coinberry regularly reviews its Anti-money laundering (AML) policies to check whether or not they are efficient.

Coin Listing 

Coinberry presently lists only two marquee crypto coins, bitcoin, and ether.

Customer Support

In comparison to most other cryptocurrency platforms, Coinberry has a customer support hotline: 1 (888) 616 2646. Besides, phone support, the support team handles technical issues and responds to questions via email. The official Coinberry site has a blog and a FAQ age, but it does not have a detailed knowledge base.

How Can You Join?

Coinberry is limited to Canada. Users who join Coinberry utilizing a referral link will automatically get a $20 bonus after verification of their accounts. If you are a resident in Canada and you utilize Coinberry in a country where trading cryptocurrency is unlawful, you may be subjected to that country’s cryptocurrency laws.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.