Building a Business – Salon Marketing Ideas to Attract More Clients

There are lots of great hair salons out there, some of them do way better than others, but why? They have all the same ingredients in place – good stylists, clean environment, friendly staff – but they never seem to do as well as others. Most of the time, the problem is not with the business, but the way they market the service. Boosting awareness is the key to success, the moment you do, a transformation will occur.

Potential Customers Check Online Reviews

In the hairdressing industry, just like in any industry, people learn more about a business online. They look for salons that are listed and see what others have to say about their service. Zucci Hairdressers and many other well-established professionals understand the importance of online directories, that is why their salons come up when people use online search engines.

Here are three online platforms that are essential for promoting your business.

  • Facebook
  • Yelp
  • Google

If you do not have a presence on all three of these platforms, there is no way potential clients can get to see what others have to say about your service.

When a salon gets lots of reviews, the company will start to show when people search for hairdressers in their area.

Encourage Customers to Give Online Reviews

Everything is done online, and people of all ages are embracing the digital age. When running a hair salon, it is important to manage online reviews. Social media and other platforms cannot be ignored if you want a business to be successful. Improving your online presence will only help it grow.

There was a time when word of mouth was the best way to find out about a good salon. Times have changed and over 70% of people now trust online reviews. Online recommendations are important, and salons should encourage their customers to review their service to attract more clients.

It is not enough to encourage customers to provide online reviews, a good manager or owner will be proactive in their approach to reviews about their salon. They will respond to questions and keep in touch with people who want to know more about their service.

Offer Promotions

No customer can resist a good deal, so get creative and think of ways to attract customers with a good deal. If you have a reason to promote something, use social media to market your product or service and boost awareness.

Attracting new clients to a salon using promotions is a great way to show them what you offer. If they are impressed, it will keep them coming back for more. Make sure promotions are shared across all social media platforms.

There are many ways to attract clients to a hair salon, this article has highlighted just a few of them. After reading this, it should help you come up with some good ideas. There is no point in having a great salon if you do not focus on marketing your service. The more your business stands out, the more revenue it makes.