Bridging the Divide: 5 Essential Ways to Launch Your Enterprise Architect Career

Did you know that the median salary for the enterprise architects career is $130,000 a year? So if you’re looking to get into the field, we don’t blame you!

Breaking into the field can be tough. The spots can be very competitive, and most companies promote from within. 

Are you looking to get started as an enterprise architect? Check out these five tips that will help you launch your career!

1. Get Certified!

Becoming certified can improve your chance of employment. And that’s important: competition is fierce. 

Choosing to get certified teaches you more about the enterprise architect career. Additionally, it’ll keep you up-to-date on any recent changes in the field. It also shows employers that you’re credible and have the required knowledge to be an enterprise architect.

Unsure if certification is right for you? Check out these tips for getting certified.

2. Networking is Key

If you’re looking to get into the enterprise architect career field, you’ll need to get out there and network. Many enterprise architects are promoted from other similar IT jobs. And many companies promote from within.

Volunteer to lead teams at work and prove that you can learn new technologies as they develop. Also, show that you understand your company’s needs. These little things go a long way when your employer is looking for someone to promote.

3. Learn the Right Tools

Using enterprise architect tools allow you to better manage your projects and communicate with your team. Not everyone uses a management tool, but those who know how to use them stand out to employers. 

Using tools shows initiative and good organizational skills. Make sure to learn at least one!

4. Learn the Right Skills

Having the right technical skills is important for this job. Having experience will put you at the top of the list of candidacy, but there are plenty of other technical skills you can use to boost your resume. Knowing system architecture, software architecture, and enterprise applications are a great start.

For soft skills, you’ll need to be a good team player. Collaboration is key in the enterprise architecture career path. You’ll need to learn how to take feedback and implement suggestions to perform your job well.

You’ll also need to be a good communicator and problem solver. It helps if you can pick up technology easily. And it will help if you’re motivational to help bring out the best in your team.

5. Choose the Right Specialty

Finally, you’ll want to make sure you’ll focus on the specialty that most interests you. Some possible specializations include:

  • security
  • business
  • application
  • network
  • and data architecture.

You won’t be able to learn them all in the detail you need to do your job well. While you should be able to work across disciplines, being an expert in one of these areas will improve your value to your employer.

Now You’re Ready to Launch Your Enterprise Architect Career

Now you know some of the key points for entering the field! So what are you waiting for? Visit Architecture Center and learn more about certification classes that can jump-start your enterprise architect career!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.