Bill Smith, Double Iron Consulting, and The Team Of Experts

Double Iron Consulting was established in 2021 by William Smith. Bill Smith, as he is also known, has many decades of experience and expertise with family businesses. Along with his team of professionals, he uses his knowledge to help other businesses to find success. 

Double Iron is a consulting organization that collaborates with local businesses and corporations all across the country. The team of experts brought together by Bill Smith offers services to help small businesses expand their customer base and grow their revenue. This is accomplished via focused strategic planning and being accountable for action steps.

A renowned professional, William Smith headed his family’s business, Royal Cup Coffee. This role equipped Bill Smith with the experience required to advise other executives and business leaders.

In essence, he has been using his vast expertise and hands-on experience at Double Iron Consulting to aid other companies in growing and finding success.

The Mission of Double Iron Consulting

Double Iron Consulting has a mission that sees its members committed to boosting company performance via regular and effective communication between the firm and its customers. 

They are also dedicated to boosting communication between the critical company stakeholders and the company’s executives. This nurtures loyal relationships that are beneficial to the business’s customers, the stockholders, management teams, and the company’s executives.

Bill Smith’s consulting firm is committed to assisting business owners in piloting the challenges related to business management. This is skillfully carried out in a manner that encourages tactical growth and preserves relationships.

Ways in Which Double Iron Assists Small Businesses

A picture of a customer having a great experience in a small business.

Strategic Growth

Assisting with strategic growth is one of the services of Double Iron Consulting. In this particular area, the goal of the firm is to assist a company in realizing its growth goals and help them develop techniques and actions to achieve those goals and gain success.

Double Iron Consulting will provide support with the establishment of the explicit goals necessary to get to the next target in the process of the business gaining success.

They will support the company in transitioning between intentions and actions to attain sustainable growth and development.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is another area in which Double Iron Consulting assists businesses in operating more efficiently. The team of professionals at the consulting firm has in-depth knowledge and expertise to support business owners in effortlessly transitioning their corporation to the next generation, while maintaining what established the business and resulted in its initial success. Included among the techniques are:

  •  Evaluating a business strategically, including its goals, whether short-term or long term
  •  Identifying vital leadership roles of non-family or family staff members
  • Developing strategies to provide guidance and document the changeover
  • Auditing present execution of succession planning
  • Identifying gaps in talent or experience within family leadership and developing plans to help with gap minimization

The team of experts at Double Iron will provide support in leadership development by using the business’s training objectives to reinforce each leader’s skillset and progress.

They are aware that strong leaders who utilize quality interdependent communication are vital elements to the total success of their corporations.

Change Management

Change management is the tool used by a business to handle change and development. Along with his team, William Smith will evaluate how a business goes through vital changes and then support them through pushing the pace to modify the long-lasting effectiveness.

It is important of course to support a business when moving through the changes necessary to compete effectively in today’s markets.  Bill Smith and Double Iron understands the meaning and significance of change.

Internal Alignment

Whether a business owner is considering expanding their company or launching a new marketing plan, Bill and Double Iron will support the business owner in implementing authentic and reliable processes and systems that are true to the promise of a particular brand. 

The mission of Double Iron Consulting is to establish a footing of trust with its customers so that actionable input can be provided for success. 

Sometimes the best decision a business owner can make is to seek out an outsider’s viewpoint.   Double Iron is equipped to provide that standpoint that can positively impact a business.

Customer Experience

Should a business struggle with its customer experience, Double Iron Consulting has what it takes to provide support by appraising its customer policies. 

William Smith and other professionals will then join forces with the company to make changes to existing customer strategies or establish new approaches to bring into line the brand and goals of a corporation.

This trustworthy consulting firm will work with a corporation to establish new strategies, products, plans and everything else required to make changes related to the customer experience. 

The team will assist a company in discovering new ways of enhancing customer experience, while remaining true to the personality and the branding of the business.


William Smith established Double Iron Consulting with the mission to assist businesses for success by utilizing intelligent and practical management. 

This concept goes way beyond the company beating the numbers it received the year before.   Bill Smith has amassed years of experience and uses it to provide businesses across the nation and local businesses with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed and develop in these classifications.

William Smith and his team of dynamic and knowledgeable professionals are devoted to closely collaborating with companies to deliver the best possible results where the success of those businesses is concerned. 

The experts at Double Iron are armed with the necessary expertise and knowledge to assist a company in attaining its goals and gaining overall growth and success. 

Furthermore, Double Iron Consulting joins forces with business owners to produce a roadmap to the owners’ anticipated results. This happens whether the company expects a leadership change or is rolling out a new marketing strategy.


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