Being Business-savvy: 5 Tips to Help You Start a New Business

Starting a business is not an easy task. It would help if you focused on your goals to build a successful business. Asking for advice would help you understand more about the business industry. Knowing a trick or two would increase the chances of your business being successful. 

There is no such thing as a perfect formula, but preparing yourself can give you the extra edge when it comes to starting a business. Again, starting a business is by no means easy. With that said, here are some fantastic tips that would help you with starting your business.

You Need To Be Passionate

When you start a business, the most challenging part is the first step towards starting your own business. You may need to face many challenges, and you need to be passionate about your goal to achieve what you want to do. 

If you are fired-up about starting your new business, it will affect the success rate as you are devoting your time to take the first step towards your business. Being passionate means that you cannot give up on any challenges during your business process. If you succeed in taking the first step, then the rest will follow.

Ask For Advice

One of the most important things to do when starting a new business is to ask for advice from a professional businessman. Alternatively, you can also look for a mentor or a coach. If you have a business coach, you can ask for ideas, processes, real experience, difficulty, and perspectives to prepare yourself for how a business works.

You can revise their ideas to make a better plan and take precautions on whatever might happen during the process. Asking for an idea will increase your chances of having a successful business.

Know Your Strength and Weakness

Every person has strengths that can be used when starting a new business. Of course, every person also has weaknesses that can be detrimental to their business. With your strengths, always use it to push your business. For example, if you’re good with talking people and public relations, then use that to close deals with partners and opportunities. 

With weaknesses, the biggest problem lies in admitting it. If you don’t admit to a certain weakness, you’ll become oblivious to it. Pretty soon, you’ll be developing bad habits that you can easily justify even if it’s wrong. In business, knowing one’s weakness is a good preparation when starting. Knowing your weakness as early as possible helps you curb bad habits and lets you avoid mistakes that could turn  your business into a disaster.

Make A Business Plan

Speaking of preparations, a business plan is always a requirement if you want to be successful. No matter how much “luck” you factor in, no one can be successful without a plan. If you want to start your own business, you need to make a plan before taking any action on building your business. 

A business plan would allow you to understand your financial and operational needs. If you are prepared for everything, taking the first steps towards your business will run smoothly. Making a strategy in advance would have significant benefits on your part as you can adjust it if necessary.

You Need To Know Your Target Audience

One of the crucial parts of starting a new business is to know your audience. If you plan to start a new business, you need to know what your audience needs and wants, what kind of services they want you to provide, and make a strategy based on your customer. 

For example, if you plan to have a retail business with gaming peripherals, then your target should be gamers. As much as possible, don’t settle on a single statistic. From there, you can even be more specific as to target what age group within the gaming community would appeal to your products. 

It is very crucial to deliver the needs of your customer as they are the ones who will make your business fail or succeed. It will also give you an insight on how you will proceed with your operation and strategy based on your customer’s needs. It would help if you thought that you couldn’t make a profit without your potential customer. You treat your customer’s needs and make them your priority, and you will earn a lot.

There’s a lot to know more about your audience and once you get to get every bit of information, you’ll have a booming business in no time. Remember, identifying needs and being able to quench those needs is the secret recipe for a business to become successful. 


Starting a business is not an easy task. Most of the time, inexperienced startups crash and burn within the first few years, with some going down even faster. As an aspiring entrepreneur, it’s normal to face a lot of bumps in the beginning. It’s what you do to get over those bumps that defines the outcome of your venture.

There will be times where your business can really get knocked down and getting back up can seem impossible. Don’t lose hope and persevere. With the tips mentioned above, you can limit those bumps in the beginning and be on your way to success.

Annika Bansal

Annika "The Chick Geek" is the founder of Small Business Sense shares small business ideas, tips and resources for independent Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners.