Adopting Corporate Video Production in Marketing

Human beings are visual creatures by nature and because of this, video content has a greater appeal compared to textual content. Around the world, businesses are rapidly changing their traditional marketing strategies and moving towards digitisation through video marketing. Videos are an important marketing tool being adopted by businesses in emerging markets in Asia to increasingly drive customer engagement and create remarkable brand interactions. As reported by cisco in 2019, video content will account for 82% of all internet traffic by 2022, a trend that has seen businesses incorporate videos into their marketing strategies. With the increased competition in the business arena in Singapore, businesses are increasingly turning to corporate video production in their marketing strategies to attract customers and retain a competitive edge. 

Corporate Video Production in Singapore

Understanding your option when it comes to the different types of videos that can be created through corporate video production can help your business in creating a strong marketing strategy. There are different corporate videos, each created to accomplish specific goals of your marketing strategy.

Brand Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are small bite-sized videos, usually less than a minute long that simplify your product to your potential customers. These videos cover four key points including the problem, solution, features of the products and a call to action. Whether you are a start-up, B2B, or B2C venture you can adopt explainer video as a key marketing strategy at the top of the funnels to generate new leads. If you are seeking to capitalize on the high ROI potential of explainer videos in marketing, a major decision you will need to undertake is whether to use live-action or animated videos. Each type of video option presents certain messages and achieves specific goals more compellingly than the other

  • Animated Video

Animated videos incorporate the art of sketches and placing the sketches in a series of frames to make the images appear as if they are in motion. Animation works exceptionally well for explainer videos meant to describe a product or explain a concept in a comprehensive manner. With advanced technology that helps in creating 2D and 3D images, animated video is applicable on a large scale for video marketing and can result in a boost in user engagement and conversion rates.

  • Live-Action videos

Live-action videos, on the other hand, refer to cinematography that records real objects or people. These videos are ideal for observational learning and help model best practices and ideal behaviours that you will want to communicate with your target audience. Working with an experienced video production Singapore agency will help you to connect with viewers across all platforms, giving your company greater  influence over consumer behaviour and ideally greater engagement. You can use live-action video to showcase your company’s history and customer testimonials within the video as social proof to your target audience.

Live Videos

If you want to interact with your customers on a more personal level, live videos will work great. These videos will attract audiences on social media by giving them the opportunity to get real-time brand information and demos. If you have just launched a new product, you can use live videos to host a Q&A session where you give information about the products by answering customer questions. Moreover, you can use live videos to host interviews with customers and get feedback on product improvement.

Event Coverage Videos

Conferences, trade fairs, and exhibitions are major marketing platforms you will use at one point to reach a specific clientele base. Each of these events will be special to your marketing team since they will outline specific needs that clients seek in your products. Once you have a reliable video production company, you will be able to cover every action as well as interviews with your vendors and attendees. The information gathered will help you plan for future social events and marketing campaigns to adopt for wider market coverage.

Corporate Video Marketing Trends

Videos offer consumers content that can be easily and quickly disseminated across a high number of channels. Statistics have shown the benefits that businesses are leveraging from video marketing thus making them an essential strategy to adopt in marketing. Today, the dynamics of the internet and consumers demand more than just a short video on social media. You will need to adopt video across your marketing funnel as well as use the latest video formats and other technological advancements such as AI, VR, and robotics to resonate with your customers and remain competitive.  

Final Thoughts

As the internet continues to evolve, you will need to adjust your marketing strategies to accommodate the most innovative ways to grab the attention of potential customers. Choosing a professional video production Singapore Company will ensure that you have the right script and video content for poignant visual storytelling to generate a winning business strategy.

Annika Bansal

Annika "The Chick Geek" is the founder of Small Business Sense shares small business ideas, tips and resources for independent Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners.