9 Situations to Hire a Work Injury Lawyer

If you have experienced a work injury in Houston, you should know that you might be entitled to a payout from the negligible party. By working with a work injury lawyer, you have increased potential to recover damages for your medical bills, your lost wages, and the pain you experienced. So, what are some situations where it is a good idea to call an attorney after a work injury?

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9 Situations to Hire a Work Injury Lawyer

1. A Slip and Fall on Your Employer’s Premises

Your employer has a responsibility to keep his or her premises clear of hazards that could cause workers to fall. These include wet surfaces, ice, and obstacles. The injuries caused by a slip and fall can be as small as a bruise or as serious as a damaged spinal cord.

2. A Slip and Fall on a Third Party’s Premises

If you have an accident that occurs when you are on property that does not belong to your employer, you might still be able to file a claim. For example, you might be working on a client’s property or for a subcontractor. Working with an attorney can help determine which party is responsible and how you should go about getting compensated. This goes for other types of injuries, in addition, to slips and falls.

3. A Construction Site Injury

Construction sites are environments where there is a lot of potentials to get hurt, however, your employer still needs to take appropriate measures to keep you safe. Ways you might be hurt on a construction site include:

  • Slipping and falling
  • Falling from a height
  • Getting electrocuted
  • Being struck by debris or other objects
  • Becoming entangled in heavy machinery

4. Exposure to Toxic Substances

Exposure to toxic substances like lead paint, fumes, and asbestos can have a serious long-term effect on your health. For many workers, it can even lead to cancer. The exposure could occur while you are working with the substance in its raw form or when you encounter it in the course of doing your job responsibilities.

In the case of asbestos, many workers are injured while they are working on a building that has an asbestos problem. Here are some signs of asbestos exposure that you should be on the watch for.

5. Workplace Violence

Whether you were attacked by a coworker, a customer, or an animal, you should talk to a lawyer if you were on the job when the assault occurred. Even if your injury occurred after work hours, you might still be able to receive compensation.

Unfortunately, many types of jobs put employees in situations where stress or anger can get out of control. For example, people in client-facing roles often need to deal with dissatisfied customers who lash out. Getting bitten by a dog while working on someone’s property presents another possible workplace injury.

6. A Motor Vehicle Accident

If your job involves driving, you are at increased risk of suffering a motor vehicle accident. While it is an everyday activity, driving is one of the most dangerous things people do as part of their routines. Crashes involving one vehicle, multiple vehicles, or vehicle malfunctions can all have life-changing consequences. Accidents happen in the blink of an eye, so working with a lawyer is essential to understand what happened, build evidence, and determine liability.

7. Admiralty and Maritime Accidents

Working at sea, on barges, or on rigs presents its own unique set of dangers and complications. In Texas, drowning, boating collisions, and machinery-related accidents commonly occur. In the event of such an accident, you might find yourself dealing with the fact that the incident occurred offshore and is subject to different work injury laws. A knowledgeable Houston work injury attorney will be able to help you sort through relative legislation, such as the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act.

8. Other Industry-Specific Accidents

In Texas, other types of workers that are at special risk include those who are employed in the oil and gas and railroad industries. Explosions, faulty equipment, hazardous environments, collisions, and other dangerous situations happen frequently and could give you the basis for a work injury claim.

9. Overexertion and Repetitive Motion

Some injuries are not caused by an explosion or another type of dramatic event. Overexertion happens when your body has been pushed too far, often resulting in a muscle pull, a sprain, or a broken bone. Repetitive motion injuries happen when you do a small task repeatedly, such as typing. Here are some signs of carpel tunnel syndrome, a condition frequently associated with repetitive motion.

Workers’ Compensation in Houston, TX

Workplace accidents are more common in Texas than you might believe. They can happen in any environment, whether you are working in an office or on a construction site. Fortunately, a knowledgeable work injury attorney can help you in your fight for just compensation. Services they provide include helping you prepare your claim, negotiating with an insurance company, and arguing your case in court.

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