7 Creative Ways to Set Up a Work From Home Area on a Patio

Having the ability to work from your patio year-round can help decrease workplace stress and increase productivity. Bring some of your work home by setting up an outdoor workstation on your patio. With these creative ideas that are all budget-friendly and can fit any patio area within reach, there’s never been a better time for work from home than now.

1) Add a Retractable Awning

One of the major benefits of adding a retractable awning to set up a work-from-home area on a patio is that the retractable awning blocks sunlight, so it doesn’t get too hot. You can use it as an impromptu studio in the evening to take pictures outside under natural light. It offers much better protection from UV rays than any fabric. They are easy to use…just pull up the awning and lower it when you’re done working. You’ll be able to enjoy the view of your backyard with minimal interruptions.

2) Buy an Office Desk to Place Your Laptop On

Purchase an office desk and add a magnetic strip on the back to keep it easily accessible. Use some extra extension cord as you may need an extra one for your laptop and other items such as tools or even a tiny desk lamp.

3) Have Adequate Power Outlets and Wi-Fi Coverage

These two fundamentals alone can be a total game changer for the productivity of your home office. Furthermore, you can install an HDMI connection to play videos on your tablet or television while giving you access to more efficient lighting.

4) Line the Patio’s Perimeter with Tall Plants

Plants for pots and containers have become a staple of the patio scene. They always make the most aesthetic spot, are cost-effective, and will add value to your working atmosphere. In addition, you can install a high-quality misting system for your plants’ hydration.

5) Install Natural-Light and Sound-Blocking Curtains

When you go to install natural light curtains on your patio, make sure that enough sunlight can get through the windows of your home office. Proper support for the natural light curtains is essential because they would not be suitable for keeping the home office open if they do fall.

6) Select Items That Will Make Your Outdoor Space More Inviting and Cozy

Consider creating a bright and colorful artwork wall by incorporating some large canvases. It will allow you to enjoy your space and relax while working. You can also put in a brightly colored outdoor rug to remove the drabness of concrete until you need it again.

7) Have a Separate Seating Area for Short Breaks

If you work at home, it can be easy to forget how essential breaks are to your work. Although we all have a hard time pushing through that final push for the day, not taking short breaks will negatively affect your productivity. You can get a loveseat, coffee table, or a comfortable deck chair from the store that suits you. It could include pillows or favorite blankets for those cooler days.

Brett Sartorial

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