6 Tips for Marketing Your Criminal Law Firm

You may be a solo criminal defense attorney or have a law firm across various locations. The law firm also counts as a business, and therefore, you need to gain more customers for you to grow. In the industry, criminal defense is crowded, meaning the competition rate is high.

Thus, you will require strategies that will help your firm stand out against the competition. Marketing will ensure that you reach out to those who need a criminal defense attorney. The marketing strategies should accurately communicate with those who need your services.

Various strategies will help your law firm stand ground in the market. The marketing strategies will work to bring more clients to your law firm and boost your income. Here are some tips to help your market your law firm.


Have a Website


You should have a web page where clients can read more about your firm. The website will communicate to the prospects about the type of services offered by your law firm. The website should give prospects an insight into your firm and its philosophies.

The website will also help provide more information that clients can use to reach you. The site will also generate leads which you can use to evaluate your online campaign. You should also ensure that your website is friendly for desktop and mobile devices for all clients.

You can also earn extra income from traffic on your website through ads. Thus, having a web page for your law firm will be beneficial to your law business and the clients.


Customer Demographics


It would be best if you learned more about your customers. This way, you can know what type of marketing message to put across and reach the target audience. Thus, it would help if you looked at some critical customer demographics to help you establish your ideal market.

You should consider looking at the location and determine whether the area has a high rate of criminal cases. The laws on various criminal offenses will also differ with the state. Consider other factors related to your clients such as their profession, gender and age.


Build Your Brand


For you to gain traction in the market and customers, you should establish your firm as a brand. This way, you can give a clear outline of the values and the proposition of your business. The brand proposition should include years of law experience, the volume of handled cases and your stand on customer emotion.


Social Media Marketing


You can also take your marketing to social media platforms. Ensure that you set up social media pages for your firm and include relevant information. Make sure to include some pictures of you and the team of lawyers and other staff.

Follow up on legal posts and offer online advice to some online questions. You can also follow up on hashtags related to your field and offer your services. Establishing a social media account allows your business to connect directly with clients and enable effective communication.


SEO Campaign


It would be best if you also incorporated SEO strategies in your marketing campaign. This way, your firm’s website will appear in top searches on search engines. Therefore, you should work with an SEO expert to improve the features of your site for visibility.

You can also work to provide enhanced web content related to criminal law for your readers. Clients looking for criminal representation will need to know about the capabilities of your law firm. This strategy may also include the building and optimization of your landing pages.


Consider Video Marketing

It would help if you created more video content for your law firm. The video has chances of appearing at the top of results on search engine searches. Video marketing improves your credibility and will help engage your customers.

Also, a younger clientele network may have an easy time watching your videos than reading some long notes. The video will also help you gather an audience and help them learn about some basics in criminal law. Come up with creative video content that you can use to introduce your team of attorneys and provide a behind-the-scenes view for your team.


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