6 Simple Ways to Use Glass Landscaping Rock at an Office Building

There are many landscaping options where grass simply won’t work. If your office building has a difficult slope or a challenging spot to grow plants to beautify the landscape, using glass landscaping rock can provide you with more visual interest, better soil and water retention, and a permanent fix through the seasons.

1- Improve Lighting

Landscape glass can allow light to pass or be opaque. Consider adding a strip of white landscaping rock along the edges of sidewalks so they’re easily visible any time of day. Create a stretch near the building where solar-powered lights reflect off the glass, brighten the area, and make it hard for potential thieves to hide while they work out a way to get into your building.

2- Create an Accent “Water” Feature

Adding a water feature may not be environmentally or financially feasible. If you have an existing gravel bed, adding a strip or stretch of blue glass can turn part of your landscape into a stream. If you have an existing fountain that has been damaged by weather and time, blue rocks can also give a sense of water until you can make a permanent repair.

3- Brighten Pots

If your summers get very hot or your winters get very cold, your flower pots may be a bit drab at different points in the year. Flower pots are a great spot to try out different colors of landscaping glass. White landscaping glass and multicolor solar lights could be a terrific view early in the spring before you can get your annuals started in the spring.

4- Function as Mulch

Rock can serve as mulch and serve as a way to weigh down landscaping fabric. In this case, you may want to avoid white glass as the light reflection may be hard on your plants in a very sunny spot. If you want to grow tomatoes, use red stones in that region of your garden. Those who love lilacs but miss them in August may want to use purple landscaping rock under white flowers to get more of the color they love.

5- Incorporate a Mesh Retaining Wall

A sloped sidewalk in front of your building could be made safer and more appealing with a mesh grid retaining wall. Loaded with glass rock, your mesh wall could easily be lit up with solar lights with controllers; a clear glass wall could be any color that you like!

6- Reduce Erosion Risk

Landscaping rock is tumbled. It will not be sharp to handle, but it will be heavy. If you choose to use it as mulch, make sure you put down heavy-duty landscaping fabric before you layer in the glass to keep the glass as clean and protected as possible when it rains. If you notice the glass looking dull, simply spraying with a hose can brighten the glass. Once properly anchored, your glass mulch will have enough weight to stabilize your soil.

Glass landscaping rock can radically change the look of your office building. If you need a simple way to boost your sticks and brick entrance, consider using this bright and colorful product to add visual appeal to your front door!

Brett Sartorial

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