6 Signs You Should Start Your Own Trucking Business

Becoming an entrepreneur and moving from a trucker to an owner-operator isn’t a simple decision, but it could be a lucrative one. It’s just as tricky as any other kind of business. There is a lot of effort, bureaucracy, and work involved so you need to be prepared for it all.

Not everyone who wants to become an owner-operator is ready. There are a few signs, though, which indicate that you are prepared. Taking some time to consider them will reveal if you should start your own trucking business now.

1. You Want to Define your Schedule

When you work for a trucking company, you need to accept jobs to receive money. For many drivers, it means taking schedules that aren’t comfortable, giving up their quality of life.

If you want to define your own working time, it may be the right moment to change your position. Starting your trucking company will allow you to hire truckers and agents to take care of the business.

The liberty of decision and better quality of life is enough for many people. If that’s your case, that’s the first sign to consider becoming an owner-operator.

2. You Need a Better Revenue

Starting a business is often motivated by money — maybe you need to cover your necessities or you want to earn more for your family. That’s a solid and valid reason to want to start your own trucking business.

Revenue might be a motivator, but you’ll probably have to take on some debt first. Taking out a trucking loan to finance your upfront costs can help you make more money down the line. Then, most of the revenue from the suppliers will be given to you. Only a fraction of the profit is given to the truckers unless you’re a very generous boss.

It’s possible to begin with a lease-to-buy option for the trucks or to find proper funding if you don’t have all the money upfront.

3. Driving Is Affecting your Health

Sitting all day long paired with the stress of driving on the road may cost you your health in the long run. Several common driving health issues can affect your life forever.

If you are starting to feel pain or are developing health issues due to the sedentary lifestyle, you should consider stopping. To avoid giving up on the truck business, you could start one yourself. This gives you an opportunity to use the knowledge you have but with more control over your day to day lifestyle.

The fact that driving is affecting your health is a solid sign that you should consider changing your position.

4. You Are Simply Tired

The lifestyle of a trucker includes driving hundreds of thousands of miles per year. That’s a lot, even for those who love trucks and life on the road. After a few years, it may start to get tiring.

At such point, you have the know-how, experience, and contacts in the field. It would be a shame to give up and find another type of industry. Instead, it can be the right and final sign that you should start a business once and for all.

5. You Notice an Opportunity

Starting any business goes beyond having an original idea. Sometimes it’s just something obvious that works elsewhere but is lacking in your region or industry.

If you notice that the current trucking businesses are missing an opportunity, it may be your chance. Investigate what is necessary to start your own trucking company. That way, you will be sure about the profit.

There are a few different types of trucking businesses that you can consider starting.

6. It’s Your Desire

There are many exterior signs that could indicate that starting a trucking business is a good idea for you. However, some people just have a passion for it. If you feel like it’s the right thing to do, listen to your gut. You may not have the chance again in the future.

Listening to what your mind has to say is essential. If you are already a trucker or handle another kind of business, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes the will to take the risk is all you need to begin.

There are many reasons to start your own business, and for many people, the advantages surpass by far the disadvantages.

Final Thoughts

Different signs may indicate that it’s time to give up on your job or start a business. If these signs seem familiar to you, starting a new trucking business might be a good idea.

Some people will experience more than one sign, and others won’t be sure if they are experiencing one. As everything regarding business, rushing is not a good idea. Take your time to consider the possibility, and read more about starting a trucking business, if you decide to. If you want to learn how to become an owner-operator, read the How to Start a Trucking Company guide.


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