6 Effortless Ways to Improve Curb Appeal at an Office Park

Improving curb appeal at an office park is an easy way to increase the odds of enticing and retaining renters, as well as attracting potential clients for businesses. Anyone who considers spending money wants to know they are giving their money to a professional, reliable business or service. Things like improving hard surface areas, lighting, landscaping, including outside accommodations, and giving business fronts a coat of paint are ways to put a client’s mind at ease, drastically increasing the curb appeal of your office park!

1- Improving Hard Surface Areas

Improving hard surface areas can lead to long-term monetary gains.

Having resurfaced parking lots and sidewalks is not only a great way to help ensure client safety, but smooth, clean hard surface areas are one of the first things people will notice.

Clean, contrasting lines in the parking lot make potential clients feel your office park is a safe place to be–both physically and for their vehicles. If the lot is full of potholes and uneven patches, they’re less likely to want to stay. Asphalt Industrial crack filling can help keep these areas in pristine condition. Another aspect of safety is having good lighting.

2- Improve Lighting

Having good lighting is a comforting feeling. Bright, well-lit areas make people feel secure and welcome, and businesses generally care for clients’ well-being.

Ways to improve the lighting of your space include: new light poles, installing uplighting, fresh wall lights, and new or improved landscaping lights.

These will improve the ambient light of the park, creating a safe, well-lit space. This also allows individuals to see your beautiful landscaping during darker hours of the day!

3- Improve Landscaping

Improving landscaping is one of the best ways to improve curb appeal. Things like keeping the grass manicured, weeds pulled, having bushes and shrubs trimmed properly, and removing dead trees and old tree stumps. You can accomplish this yourself, or hire a professional service.

Landscaping yourself can cut costs, but you have to make sure you have the proper equipment and knowledge to do a good job. A professional to landscape for you will cost you a little more, but the job will be done right and look specialized. This will allow you successfully include more outside accommodations.

4- Adding Outside Accommodations

Adding outside accommodations to our business park is a welcoming, attractive gesture. Having benches for passersby to rest and enjoy the day, clients to have a nice lunch, or with current gas prices, including something as simple as bike racks will draw more individuals.

With more people coming to your area, you’ll they’ll need to know where to be directed. You can accomplish this by adding better signage.

5- Adding Clear, Easy-To-Read Signage

Adding better signage is an easy way to help potential clients figure out where they need to go once they get to the office park. When people are given clear, easy directions, it makes them feel relaxed and confident. Once they know where to go, they’ll notice the exterior of the buildings.

6- New Paint

New paint can really make a building pop. It is nice to look at and shows clients you care about businesses and present a professional image.

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