5 Ways To Ensure Employee Health And Safety

The health and safety of employees are vital aspects of doing business. Without healthy employees and a safe workplace, a company cannot hope to operate efficiently and at full capacity. When that happens, profit can suffer. On top of improving business operations, health and safety awareness can also stamp out costly lawsuits and higher insurance expenses.

That said, companies and their employees must understand that health and safety in the workplace are necessary not just for compliance with government rules or standards set forth by certification bodies, but also because they can affect the bottom line. Below are some strategies that companies can implement to ensure employee health and safety: 

  1. Work Out Hazards In The Workplace

Always keep in mind that injuries – even non-fatal ones – can diminish productivity in your business. In the U.S., studies show that one injured employee can translate to more than 10 days of absence from work and an average of almost $1,600 in business losses. That’s about 2,072 in AUD. 

To promote safety in your company, you need to identify and work out hazards that can cause harm or injury. For instance, all installations must be done by licensed contractors to avoid substandard work quality. If any deficiencies are found, it would be best to correct them at the soonest possible time. 

Some hazards occur due to the company’s business nature and not because of workplace structure. For instance, if your business is involved in cement manufacturing or an extractive industry like mining, your workers can face health risks caused by respirable crystalline silica (RCS). This toxic dust can penetrate deep into the lungs and cause diseases like Silicosis. If you read detailed information about this disease, you’ll see that you can’t eliminate RCS. It would be best to work with an environmental air safety company to monitor and minimise your workers’ exposure to harmful substances in their jobs.

  1. Empower Your People To Prioritize Health

Your people are your company’s greatest resource. The importance of their health cannot be overemphasised. With that in mind, meeting your workers’ health and safety needs goes beyond having adequate insurance coverage. 

Many companies implement workplace health programs as part of their overall business strategy. A good example would be providing your workers free gym memberships to promote their well-being. Also, you can ban smoking in all your business premises. Your company policies should allow for ample breaks and healthy work hours. Remember, having healthy and happy employees translate to enhanced business performance.

  1. Follow Mandated Intervention Programs 

In highly developed countries like Australia, the government puts value on health and safety in the workplace. There are programs aimed at spreading awareness about safety regulations. These intervention measures or codes are included in existing government regulations that promote best practices in specific industries.

Adopting these measures can prevent accidents from happening and ultimately spare your organisation from prosecution due to non-compliance. You can work with consultants to assist in implementing intervention programs in your company.

  1. Keep The Workplace Clean

Injuries in the workplace are not exclusive to burns, slips, and falls. Insect or animal bites and even fights among your workers can put a bruise on your overall operation. You can avoid many of these injuries if you’re strict about maintaining a clean workplace.

A clean working environment can lessen stress among your workers and prevent the likelihood of agitation among them. It keeps insects and animals out of the perimeter. Plus, it takes care of the common causes of slips, falls, and burns that your employees may experience. 

  1. Upgrade Your Workplace

Apart from adopting a company culture that’s focused on health and safety, you also need to invest in new materials and workplace designs that will help prevent health and safety hazards. 

For instance, you can use fireproof paints on your walls and surfaces. Using non-slip flooring material is also recommended. New equipment that has automatic shut-off mechanisms if malfunction occurs can prevent worst-case scenarios from happening. A simple strategy of adding more lighting in the workplace increases productivity and prevents injury due to visibility issues. 


Implementing and investing in work health and safety measures is a smart move on the part of companies. The costs associated with preventing or eliminating safety hazards in the workplace are significantly less than the expenses you’ll pay for employee hospitalisation, penalties, and even lawsuits. By protecting your people from injuries and ensuring their good health, you increase their loyalty, productivity, and your bottom line. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.