5 Ways To Close More Sales And Land More Clients

The way consumers make purchasing decisions changes constantly, so it’s essential to reevaluate your sales strategy regularly. Selling any type of service or product is a daunting task. That’s because you have to find the right balance between being persuasive or coming off as annoying. 

Closing more sales and landing new clients requires careful planning, but fortunately, with a solid sales strategy in place, you can do exactly that and generate more revenue.

When trying to make a sale, remember that the customer must come first. Here are five of the most effective tips to help you close your sales faster.

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Be Personable and Relatable

You can check every metric off the checklist and still not make any sales, especially if your clients dislike you or are convinced that sales are the only thing you care about. Unfortunately, making sales relies heavily on likability and physical appearance, so look your best and be yourself. Pretense of any kind is going to work against you. 

Even in emails, small touches, such as a reference to something previously shared, will shine through and help you feel relatable. The best salespeople use humor to make sales. If you can get a potential client to laugh, you can get them to buy what you’re selling. Thus, to close more sales, you must focus on creating a relaxed client-focused, light-hearted interaction.

Leverage Social Media to Find Leads

Social media can take your sales to the next level. That’s because the people involved in business decision-making, the millennials, also make up the largest user base of most social media networks. For example, in 2019, the eMarketer reported millennials comprised 90% of social media users

Thus, using social media to find leads, educate potential customers about your brand, and engage in conversations is a foolproof sales strategy.

However, selling successfully on social media requires much more than just posting regular updates. To use social media strategically to skyrocket your sales, you must engage in relevant conversations, connect with potential customers, and join LinkedIn groups.

LinkedIn groups, for instance, provide a huge networking opportunity. You can discover thought leaders and decision-makers in your industry, take part in conversations, or simply learn from discussions relevant to your business. 

Actively search for decision-makers and executives who could be potential customers and reach out to them on social media with a customized message. Avoid sending over a standardized message when sending a potential client a friend request. Instead, write up a personalized message introducing yourself and explaining why you’d like to connect with them.

The good thing about social media is that you can search for relevant conversations using hashtags. Leverage this opportunity to find potential clients looking for advice or asking questions. Use discussions to offer them value and tell them how your product can help solve their problems. This is a brilliant way to connect directly with prospective customers and generate quality leads.

Ask for Referrals 

Word of mouth referrals can help you generate successful and valuable leads. That’s because a recommendation from a person you already know and trust breaks down barriers and warms up the conversation.

Word of mouth is the most popular way for people to get news from friends and family. 83% of Americans say that personal recommendations from family and friends impact their buying decisions

However, with referrals, it’s essential to set expectations early on. Thus, once you make a sale, inform your client that there may come a time when you’ll ask them to refer you to their friends or peers who may find value in what you offer.

Setting expectations early on sets you up for success down the line. Your clients won’t be confused or surprised by the question, and they may even have somebody in mind already.

The best way to gain organic referrals is to ensure your products or services are good enough to be recommended. A great product and excellent experience will motivate people to recommend your brand.

Develop Sales Enabling Content

Potential buyers need careful nurturing and education on your product or service to build trust. This is where sales enablement content comes in handy. These resources arm you with data-driven, on-brand tools that nurture leads effectively through the buying journey.

To achieve this, you must create compelling content and share it through an effective and collaborative marketing strategy. Creating valuable and high-quality content will significantly boost your sales conversions. by nurturing potential customers through the sales pipeline.

Give Upgrade Incentives to Existing Clients

Regularly checking in with past customers to see how they’re doing is a crucial part of a salespersons’ role. There’s always a chance that a past client has a fresh problem that your new product can solve.

However, these follow-ups are more effective when coupled with incentives. For instance, to encourage your existing clients to upgrade their plans, you can offer them incentives, such as time-sensitive promotions or discounts. 

Typically, these follow-ups are more effective if you understand your customer’s needs. Why did they choose their specific plan or tier when they first signed up? What factors would allow them to benefit from a different tier or plan now?

Knowing your customer’s needs requires research. By knowing your existing customers’ current needs, you can promote a new tier or plan idea to them by explaining how it will solve their current problems. To close the sale, throw in an incentive at the end. For example, you can give them 50% off the upgraded subscription for the first two months as they get accustomed to the new features. 

Regardless of what incentive you choose, blend it with the narrative instead of presenting it as a standalone solution. Thus, it’s imperative to show your existing customers what they’re missing without the upgrade and then reward them if they’re ready to commit.

Final Thoughts

Using the best sales strategies for your business is key to closing more sales and landing new clients. 

Rather than blasting one-size-fits-all sales pitches hoping to close more sales, focus on engaging prospective clients with personalized conversations that are valuable and mutually beneficial. 

Leverage the sales tactics mentioned above to enhance your outreach efforts, build solid relationships, and have a much more powerful impact on your prospects.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.