5 Ways Technology is Changing Our Entertainment Options

Technology is revolutionizing the way we enjoy entertainment options. It changed how you used to enjoy your favorite movies and shows. Remember the time when you had to wait for a week for your favorite show to air? Now you can watch the complete series in just a few hours.

Not only that, but you can also watch the entertainment options offered by other countries. Let’s take the example of Netflix. Suppose you are currently residing in the United Kingdom. In that case, you have to know how to get American Netflix in UK, and you can enjoy American content without any location restrictions. This offer is not specific to American Netflix, all you need is a premium VPN service, and you can basically unlock any content. 

Streaming giants are utilizing the latest technologies to grab the attention of the new user. From machine learning to artificial intelligence, technology is making the entertainment experience more enjoyable, so there is no doubt that technology is here to stay and make its mark in the arena of streaming and entertainment. Here are some of the ways technology is changing the entertainment options available to users. 

1.     Recommending Movies

As there are hundreds of streaming options, the only service that will stand out is the one providing the best and most enjoyable user experience. For instance, if you are a fan of fantasy content and the streaming service recommends horror, you will want to specify your preference. Advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence are helping the streaming giants helping streaming giants such as KissAnime save billions by utilizing algorithms to show you the content selection you want to watch. 

Your previously watched history serves as the basis of this algorithm. The data is fed into the algorithm that can help the service produce the recommendations, including best shows, top regional picks, top rankers, and multiple recommendations. 

2.    Virtual Reality (VR)

No discussion of technological advancement in the field of entertainment is completed without mentioning VR. The interest in the implantation of technology in the entertainment world is skyrocket in the past few years due to the video game industry. VR center optimizes the content so you cannot differentiate reality from technology. 

The utilization of virtual reality in the movie and TV industry provides us with some of the best action movies where you feel like you are actually experiencing the events from closer proximity. The use of virtual reality to provide an alternate reality is one of the most advanced approaches of including technological aspects to shape reality as we want it. 

3.     Personalized Thumbnail

Regardless of whether you are streaming a video on android, mac, iPhone, tablet, or some other gadget – you can notice the distinction in the show’s thumbnail. Thumbnails are viable in commanding the users’ immediate attention and provoking their interest regarding the show. It is the initial feeling of the show and needs to adjust consummately with what the client needs to appreciate. Over the long haul, streaming sites understood that even though thumbnail is fundamental, it isn’t getting a similar outcome true to form. Accordingly, they utilized AI to improve the reaction.

Each apparent thumbnail is algorithm-based utilizing AI, and it mirrors the client’s inclination. Different thumbnails are concluded for a solo show, and AI and algorithms are used to pick one independently for the client. 

4.    Streaming Quality

Different technologies such as big data sciences, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are also used to provide optimized streaming quality of the content. Though HD and Ultra HD are available to the user, you can only avail of them with high internet speed. 

With the help of specialized video coding, the streaming services provide the option of a clear stream to their users. 

5.     Video Projection

Video projects and LED technology are helping the users to make the best of their streaming accounts. Even though entertainment is accessible on portable devices, the thrill of enjoying your favorite movie in the best quality on the biggest platform is unmatchable. Whether you are enjoying a documentary or action, video projection technology can add to your entrainment experience.  


There is not an ounce of doubt that technological advancement can change the entertainment arena as we know it. Even though there are various obstacles, technology is still able to revolutionize the entertainment world. With every advancement, there is a need to put a strict watch so that the quality of the entertainment cannot be manipulated. 

A check and balance system becomes crucial for the safe and effective implementation of technology such as machine learning, data sciences, and artificial intelligence in the streaming world. As the final goal of the utilization of technological advancement is to gain the attention of more users and enhance the user interface, it is also important to prioritize feedback so the suggestions can be catered for, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable entertainment experience. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.