5 Ways How Instagram Can Help Your Business Grow

In modern business, social media play a massive part in the brand’s promotion, sales, and development. Using social platforms is a cheap and effective way to increase the brand’s awareness and gain many loyal clients. Besides, social media makes communication between brands and customers more open and fruitful for both sides. So, there is no reason to deny the purpose and value of Instagram and other networks in nowadays business. Instagram, in particular, offers many business opportunities, especially for retailing brands. In this article, we will concentrate on the five reasons to use Instagram for business growth.

1. Promotion on IG is less expensive

Instagram, like many other social networks, is a relatively cheap arrangement to promote your products. Hence, this platform can be a help when you aspire to accumulate some budget. However, some money you should spend, as it is a significant assistance to boost your content and push forward your sales. For example, you can buy 1000 Instagram likes to help promote a fresh post and break in the competition with other inhabitants of your niche. With the current concurrency status, paying for stats, especially at the beginning of your campaign, is a necessary activity for your business strategy to succeed.

It is essential to know that nowadays, paid services are different from those that emerge in your mind when you think of those. Of course, companies who sell bots still exist, but modern security algorithms of Instagram crack such boosts easily and ban the accounts that use such things. Trustworthy services, on the opposite, have to provide gradual delivery of real accounts to your profile, so Instagram isn’t alerted by your growth, and you are able to continue the progress carefully and organically.

2. Instagram Offers Incredible Audience Reach

Social media and Instagram, in particular, are magnificent fields for research and finding points of connection with potential customers. By examining the behavior of your target group on Instagram, you can effortlessly define their preferences and interests. Then, you may adjust your strategy according to the information you’ve obtained and expand your influence multiple times, pushing your product with the right levers.

So many possibilities for exploration also give you a wide range of activities that are aimed for a more robust connection linking brand and buyers. The most significant factor that lets you reach out to your public is the personalization of the brand. Users like seeing more than just a product presentation, and on Instagram, you possess the possibility to disclose your brand ethics, history, inspirations, and goals to them.

3. On This Platform, You Can Find Multiple Instruments For Successful Communication

As we have mentioned the reach in the previous point, it is unforgivable to miss the variety of arrangements implemented to the app, which can help you promote your business like a pro. Here they are:

  • Regular feed posts. These are your showroom and storytelling tool. In the posts, you can give your history and insights, describe your product thoroughly and expose other important information. With useful information, your followers will leave likes and comments organically.
  • Stories. This form of content is your instrument for communication, collecting feedback, and entertaining your followers. Stories have many built-in features, like custom filters and viral trends, which can help you to widen your horizons and push your product subtly by strengthening the connection between you and your audience. Also, stories are an excellent method to share feedback about your products with other users – encourage your buyers to share Stories with the purchase and tag you. Then you will be able to repost it and accumulate it in Stories Highlights
  • IGTV – here you can load videos that are more longspun than a minute. These videos will be located in a specific field, and you might put there your interviews, product reviews, etc.
  • Instagram Live – an excellent method to interact with your audience on-air, allowing them to bond with you. Users can as questions in comments as the Live is on, so you may answer them genuinely, hence improving your reputation on the platform. You could invite guests or create a shared Live, where you connect with other people via the app.
  • Reels. This is a relatively new feature that also breaks the one-minute limit of the regular feed. Unlike IGTV content, it is disappearing, like stories, but it is located in the feed of a user instead of the special field above.

4. Make More Sales

Instagram is a very pleasant platform to use if you desire to sell things. The network has many options for in-app shopping. For example, you can create a catalog of your stuff and then tag your products on the photos. To users, it will look like a small bag icon – as they click on it, the tags with product name and price will appear. If user taps on it, the tag redirects them to the catalog with purchase options. You can complete your deals with simple communication in direct messages if you feel like it’s the most reliable way. Instagram is a gateway to expose your product and demonstrate to your potential buyer honest feedback from other people who already bought your product – note the paragraph about Stories above.

Instagram feed is a good instrument for impressing your customers with the idea of your brand due to the visual impact of the platform. By creating a consistent image, you attract more users who resonate with your esthetics and ideas. Hence you achieve more likes, comments, and, of course, sales.

5. Monitoring The Competition

Of course, Instagram is very popular among businesses, and many brands are showing themselves to the max on this platform. As well as they attract more buyers, they are exposed to the competitors. For you, especially if you are only at the start of your campaign, collecting the experience of similar businesses is a sure way to avoid rookie mistakes and understand the interests and needs of the public. Before launching your strategy, you must look through the profiles of your rivals and see what methods they use to impact the audience, how they solve problematic situations, how people react to their tactics in dynamic, and which content gets more likes and comments.


Instagram is one of the most famous social media in the world that has a considerable influence on the public. It gives brands many possibilities to impress their potential buyers not only with the quality of the product but with brand values, personal approach, and customer care benefits. If you fancy increasing your engagement and sales rate, secure a deeper connection with your target group, and expand your limits, choosing Instagram to promote your business is the best decision to make.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.