5 Types of Business That Will Always Be Needed

The world of work is always changing and we hear lots about types of jobs that are not going to be around and how careers are going to change. But this doesn’t say much about what type of businesses will actually be around and what industry sectors will always be essential. As an investor, this is what we need to know. Here are 5 types of business that will always be needed and therefore are a good investment.

IT & Design

Everything is online these days so it is a no-brainer that IT & design is an industry that is going no-where. But the one thing to consider when looking at putting your money into this area is that it is a huge industry and so has so many different facets, small design firms, experimental new technology and software firms and large, established multinational giants. So it’s just as easy to lose money as to male it in this diverse and complicated industry.

Renewable Energy & Environmental

Environmental concerns are becoming more and more the top priority of many and governments are starting to latch on to this as well. What this means is that on top of customer interest there are going to begin to be government targets and legislation to meet green targets, meaning people and businesses are going to employ the services of renewable energy consultants and providers. This is going to be a growth area.


No matter what industries are trending upwards or downwards things are always going to need to be moved from A to B. This means transport is going to always be in demand. You can see that an industry is big when it has its own financial products designed for it, the fact that you can get commercial loans from a company like Opportunity Business Trucking Loans shows the size and strength of this reliable sector that will always be around.


Things can and always do go wrong, from time to time. So insurance is a future-proof industry, no doubt about it. But what types of insurance are the best for investing in? Even taking out insurance can be considered a good investment as it saves potential disaster, but even beyond that for some businesses, certain types of commercial customers will demand to see proof of insurance before dealing with them. But in general terms there are insurance sectors that are safer than others, buildings and contents insurance providers are reasonably safe, but others maybe not so much, for example, car insurance, we don’t know how driverless cars will affect this?

Manufacturing is always going to be around. Unless there is a full collapse of civilized society then people are always going to want things, and they are going to need to be manufactured. Anything from clothes and textile production to building materials and consumer goods. It’s all going to be around for a long time to come. So if you do your research and invest in an established company you are going to do well.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.