5 Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Your Business Website

Websites are still one of the strongest sales tools. However, many visitors do not automatically ensure many sales. The following 5 tips can help you convert a visitor into a customer.

Optimize your website

Successful website should be easy and comfortable to use. Otherwise, the customer may leave. So, what requirements should such a website meet to create a pleasant user experience? The website should be mobile responsive, and the information should be easy to find. It should also be optimized to make the loading speed as quick as possible.

Loading speed is not just about the user experience. It is also one of the main technical factors of SEO, so it can affect your position in Google search. Which is another point of view you should not forget. Search engine optimization is almost as important as user experience since it affects the number of new visitors to your website.

Use reviews of your customers

Online reviews are nothing to worry about. Instead, use them as your advantage. You just need to listen to customers’ feedback, respond to their reviews and fix what they don’t like. Your efforts will surely pay, and you won’t have to hide the reactions of customers.

When you are sure about the quality of your products and services you may even request a review by email after the purchase or prepare a campaign that motivates customers to write positive reviews. Positive reviews and overall rating are worth mentioning on the website. Satisfied reactions of existing customers will then have a very positive impact on buyers.

Use testimonials

In B2B, testimonials are often even more useful than reviews. Thanks to it, you can narrate the customer experience exactly the way you want. You can place them on the web as a quote, video, audio, interview, or an in-depth case study. It can be either data-driven or emotional. You just need to make sure that it is clear to the visitor of your website how your products or services benefited actual customers of your business.

Use web forms

Most websites are relatively easy to manage in the admin area. You do not need to learn to code if you want to add a contact form to your website. So, this is something you should do because a there are customers who prefer web forms to a phone or email. The only question left is where to save the outputs from the form because not all employees always have access to the admin area.

In WordPress and other popular open-source website builders you can integrate web form with CRM software and manage business opportunities there. In CRM, data is available to everyone who needs it. For freelancers and SMEs, integration with web forms is often also available for free CRM.

Track website visits

All previous tips assume that the customer will take the first step. However, there is a way to reach the ideal potential customers who visited your website without contacting you directly. You can use one of the services that identify your website visitors and include them among your leads. This way you can turn anonymous traffic into real company names and contact competent decision-makers.

These services also usually offer the possibility of integration with ERPs, CRMs, and other software. What possibilities does this open in everyday practice? For example, users of CRM in Outlook can open their email client in the morning and start processing leads that have accumulated from the web straight away. Imagine how much time you can save this way.


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