5 Reasons to Offer a Help Desk Feature on Your Website

A help desk is useful for companies to keep customer communications in a central location. Providing a chat feature on the site that links into the help desk the company uses puts the relevant customer information and conversational history in front of the staff when answering a new question. Have a read for some additional benefits here.

To start you off here are five good reasons to offer a help desk directly on your website.


  • Improve the Knowledge Base


For customer service and support staff, being able to update the knowledge base with repeat queries cuts down on the drag factor dealing with the same issues. Customers can access answers if they search for them and this reduces the demand on staff answering queries. The longer the company has been running, the more complete the knowledge base is and the more streamlined the system.


  • Did We Answer Your Query Well Today?


Whether your customers contact your company only when they have a problem or difficulty, or there’s a regular need for follow-up, having a help desk feature provides a constant stream of feedback from the customer. When their query is handled promptly, properly and well, you’ll hear about it sometimes. When it’s not, you might get an earful. Either way, its feedback that can help improve training and service levels.

The better help desk software includes analytics to dig deep into what is happening. Has the weekly ticket volume increased? Is each ticket taking more or less time to resolve since a month ago? These important questions can be answered by digging through analytical data in help desk software.


  • Manage Outstanding Tickets Better


Sophisticated help desk software is capable of auto-assigning tickets to the appropriate agent. Once the type of query is known, it becomes easier to assign to the appropriate team or individual.

Better interfaces within the help desk software – SysAid (https://www.sysaid.com) has a particularly clean-looking one – make light work of scanning through the outstanding tickets, assessing which tickets are urgent and making sure they get handled quickly. A cluttered interface, on the other hand, makes staying current on the ticket workflow harder to do.


  • Manage Performance Levels to Increase Customer Satisfaction


For managers, the use of help desk software assists them in seeing who the best support agents are and the ones that need more training. Without such information, the manager would have to work more by feel which is very hit and miss. Feedback from customers also helps with this.


  • Centralized Tracking of Queries


There’s nothing more annoying for a customer than feeling like they’re not being heard. This can cause them to use several communication methods like chat, email and phone. Help desk software is needed to tie together the different communications together, so that staff can provide relevant, accurate responses.

While help desk features benefit customers when seeking assistance, it’s also useful for the company because it can maintain control over the flow of ticket requests. The inclusion of analytical features also provides valuable insight that would be difficult to acquire otherwise.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.