5 Qualities a Very Good Security Guard MUST Have

Would your security guard be able to take down an armed robber that’s decked out in bullet-proof armor? One Apple store’s security guard did exactly that when a robber challenged him.

If you want to have very good security, then you’ve got to hire the right person for the job.

So, what qualities should you look for in applicants? Read on to find out.

1. Focus

A good security guard needs to have the ability to focus. This skill is crucial for adequate property supervision.

Keep in mind that many shifts will likely be boring. There won’t be any action, and the guard will only be on watch. If they aren’t focused, then your guard may get lost in a smartphone game and forget to guard their post.

That’s the last thing you want to happen.

Boring days for security guards are good for business, but you don’t want to breed complacency. Don’t let someone who struggles to focus guard your business.

2. Integrity

The number one skill you want your guard to have is integrity. Guards need to have a sturdy moral compass and be honest with you.

If you hire someone without integrity, then they’ll only take advantage of your job offer. Plus, you’ll be leaving your business open to crime.

3. Social Skills

Another thing your security guard needs to have is social skills. Without good social skills, a situation can spiral out of control fast.

But, a guard with good social skills can deescalate a bad situation. They’ll also have more luck investigating any crime and questioning suspects.

4. Physical Fitness

You also need someone who is able to manage the physical aspects of a security job.

It can be difficult to screen applicants based on their physical fitness. What’s more, it’ll be challenging to discern who is being honest about their fitness levels.

A good security guard company will ease your concerns by doing the screening for you. You can rest easy knowing your guard can handle the physical aspects of the job.

5. A Strong Foundation of Legal Knowledge

No, your security guard doesn’t need to be a former lawyer. But, a candidate who knows the law well will be able to perform their job better.

The last thing you want is a security guard who breaks the law in an attempt to protect your business. You never want a guard who hassles patrons without reason.

Instead, look for applicants who have some sort of law enforcement background. This type of person is more likely to only get involved when it’s necessary.

Very Good Security Means Peace of Mind for Your Business and Staff

Very good security gives everyone peace of mind. Both employees and guests will feel safer, which will attract them to your business.

Security is essential for businesses, but it’s only one tool you’ll need for success. Are you ready to learn more about how to make your business successful? Head over to our main blog page now to see more of our latest content.

Ted Jones