5 Challenges Of IoT Software Development

The Internet of Things is showing no signs of slowing down its rapid growth, having already ingrained itself into our everyday lives. With the IoT growing by the day, it would be logical to assume that businesses everywhere are growing adept at churning out IoT-friendly software that’s tailor-made for a 21st century information environment where everyone and everything is communicating with each other.

In reality, however, many businesses are struggling with the challenges of IoT software development.

Here are 5 of the biggest challenges of IoT software development that are stymieing the success of modern businesses, and how they’re slowly but steadily being overcome by tech-savvy innovators.

1. Finding IoT-savvy developers

Software development has entered a new heyday, with millions of businesses around the world demanding apps and software services at an unprecedented rate. Despite the growing important of software developers, however, only a few of them are savvy enough when it comes to the IoT to win over the support of the leading companies on today’s market. A major talent shortage is severely hampering the development of the IoT, and unfortunately it looks as if this shortage isn’t likely to abate anytime soon.

This is because the IoT is growing at such an astonishing pace that it’s effectively impossible to keep up with the huge demand for workers that’s increasing on a daily basis. Tech-savvy employees take time to train, and software development in this day and age requires specialists who understand the interconnected nature of the modern web and economy. For the foreseeable future, finding IoT-savvy developers is going to remain a serious challenge when it comes to IoT software development.

2. Dealing with huge volumes of data

The treasure troves of data that the IoT makes use of on a daily basis is a vital part of the modern economy, yet few people have any understanding of how such a huge sum of information is actually digested and put to use each day by economic actors. As it turns out, one of the leading problems in IoT software development right now is that developers aren’t experienced dealing with huge volumes of data that modern sensors and digital users are churning out at an unprecedented pace.

Of all the impressive ways that the IoT is reshaping web development, forcing software specialists to encounter problems unique to the world of big data is one of the most disruptive.

3. IoT security is systematic

IoT security is systematic, meaning the interconnected nature of IoT software ensures that security must be thoroughly considered at all points instead of just those pivotal few surrounding your central control processes. Failing to take into consideration that IoT security is systematic is why so many companies are churning out lackluster products with shoddy security standards unlikely to appease modern users who have grown concerned about data privacy.

A software development company can only succeed if clients trust the products they’re receiving, and until IoT software development specialists come up with better ways to address IoT security issues, the production of enterprise software will stagnate.

4. Which platform is worthy of your attention?

Businesses that are foraying into the field of IoT software development for the first time and finding it difficult to address the question of which IoT platform is worthy of their consideration. Many business owners who don’t see themselves as being too tech savvy are intimidated by the daunting nature of some IoT platforms, which can be dizzying to understand even if you’re an IoT specialists who regularly works in technically complex environments.

Some of the common platforms for IoT software development are more popular than others precisely because they’re easy to understand even if you’re not a developer yourself. In the future, IoT software development will depend on new platforms emerging to better meet the ever-changing needs of modern companies trying to cater to fickle digital users.

5. How do you champion security?

Perhaps the most important challenge when it comes to IoT software development is how to go about championing security, as digital users report being more concerned about the integrity of their data these days than ever before. Furthermore, companies understand that a terrible PR crisis ignited by shoddy software that led to a data breach can be the only thing standing between them and bankruptcy. It’s thus important to take security into consideration from the very get-go, though many IoT software development teams see security as an area where costs can be cut.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to streamline the security of your software development process, as ensuring a data breach doesn’t occur and that your product is safe from hackers is utterly essential. Companies which try to cut costs by downsizing their security will inevitably pay the price in the form of a PR nightmare or data breach. Keep that in mind, and you’ll be churning out better IoT software in no time.


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