4 Ways Truckers Benefit From TWIC Compliance

It’s human nature to seek more knowledge and skills. This fact holds especially for entrepreneurs and members of the workforce. Thus, it’s unsurprising to find employees, including truckers, to be on the lookout for additional values they could provide to employees and themselves.  

Apart from a commercial driver’s license, truckers can level up their skills and get a Transportation Worker Identification Credential or TWIC. Complying with the TWIC and keeping their card active puts them alongside other maritime workers who could access secure facilities.  

Moreover, read more to know what is TWIC and how do truckers benefit from it. 

What Is TWIC?  

A TWIC is a requirement imposed by the Maritime Transport Security Act for employees to access security-sensitive areas of maritime vessels and facilities.  

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) conducts background checks on applicants before issuing the TWIC card. An applicant is required to pass a security threat assessment. Afterward, they’d supply their biometrics such as photos and fingerprints for integration in the card. Here’s what you need to know about this program and how to get or renew your accreditation.   

Why Is It Vital For Truckers?  

Simply put, all truckers, whether novice or veteran, performing specific tasks within ports and maritime areas must get one. An active TWIC card authorizes entry and business transactions within government ports, vessels, and other related facilities. Hence, port workers only need to scan the card at each access point.    

Suppose that company you wish to work in counts these government facilities as frequent clients, then it’s best to get a TWIC card to boost your resume. Note that the card expires every five years, so you have to renew your credentials. Additionally, keeping your card active means complying with all the requirements and responsibilities accompanying the TWIC.       

Truck drivers must avoid getting in trouble to comply with their TWIC security credentials. Doing so allows them to enjoy the following benefits:     

  1. Gives You A Competitive Edge 

Compliance with TWIC accreditation provides eligibility for more tasks and opportunities requiring maritime security clearance. As such, an employer will likely hire you over other haulers who have yet to get their card. Take note that getting one will take several weeks, probably due to the background checks by the TSA.  

While having a card will give you a competitive edge, you’ll also have to ensure that you possess the right skills needed for the position.  

  1. Boosts Your Reputation  

Additionally, the transport sector requires trustworthy and honest workers. Obtaining a card means you’re not engaged in any fraudulent activities that could compromise the business. Suppose you’re an immigrant, and your identity is questioned. In that case, you may also show your TWIC card as having immigration issues and felony conviction will disqualify you from getting an accreditation.      

  1. Increase Your Income Opportunities  

As a TWIC card allows you unlimited access to most ports, vessels, and maritime areas, you’ll have more opportunities to make money. Some TWIC holders can earn a hazardous materials endorsement. This is another lucrative sector that pays well.   

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, heavy and trailer drivers earn an average of USD$ 47,130 annually, or USD$22.66 hourly. Transport companies pay their drivers in different methods. Some drivers are paid per hour, mile, day, or load percentage. However, companies also offer accessorial pay, which provides additional compensation for services that can’t be classified as hauling. This is where your TWIC card comes to good use as it allows you to earn supplemental income.   

  1. Helps Save Time And Money  

Truck drivers can use their TWIC cards to save time and money, as they no longer have to pay for escorts. They use their services each time they deliver, load, or get cargo from the ports. Haulers who don’t have security accreditation will have to pay an authorized staff before being granted access to secure areas of the boat and docks. Also, the price of which varies from one broker to another.      

Additionally, a TWIC holder can skip TSA pre-check at the airport, which costs USD$85 for every five years. A card will also help you save time traveling as you are no longer subjected to rigid interviews and questioning at the airport.   

Final Thoughts  

Getting a TWIC card as a trucker is a good investment that provides you with increased income opportunities. It gives you an edge over other applicants if you’re a rookie truck driver. Because you’re subjected to thorough security checks before approval, getting a card also validates your status as a law-abiding citizen. This could enhance your reputation in the eyes of employers, authorities, and the public.      

June McGown