4 Tips for Making Your Office More Comfortable

Whether you have a home office, or an in-office office, ensuring that your work space is as comfortable as possible can do great things for your productivity. When we’re happy in a space we feel more calm and relaxed. Without clutter, we’re able to focus more on the tasks at hand. You can easily make some small changes to your office to ensure it’s as comfortable as possible, no matter the season, so you can be as productive as possible. Here are my top 4 tips for making your office more comfortable:

1. Consider a Heat Pump
If you live somewhere where it dips below freezing during the winter, then you’re going to have to focus on some serious heating methods to ensure your office is as warm and comfortable as possible. A water cooled heat pump can be a great solution for heating large spaces, and ensures a constant stream of heating. You’re going to want to focus on a solution that is clean and green, so you can feel good about the long term effects of using it.

2. Anti Freeze Protection for Your Pipes
Have you had your office’s pipes checked or maintained recently? With the winter season almost over, it can be worth looking into this during the warmer months to prepare for the next winter. There’s nothing worse than pipes freezing over, no water being accessible and even long term damage occurring to the pipes. For this reason, I suggest having the pipes inspected every few years and potentially using Heat Trace to ensure their integrity.

3. Proper Office Chair
It can be tempting, especially if you’re working from home in a home office, to get by with whatever chair you have on hand. You may have stolen a chair from your dining table suite, and although it feels comfortable enough, you probably won’t be sitting at the right height or with the right posture. A proper office chair is extremely supportive, helps ensure the correct posture while at a desk, and has adjustable features to ensure that you can be as comfortable and productive as possible!

4. Keep the Volume Down
It can be tempting to blast music while you’re working, but I’ve noticed that if I put my music on too loud, it becomes distracting. You can even use a sound level meter to ensure that the noise level isn’t too much when you’re working. Pay attention to the type of music you’re playing, too. As different genres of music can have different influences on your energy levels, motivation, and overall mood. Pay attention to what works for you, and maybe even consider making a Spotify playlist of your favorite work tracks. 

Ensuring you have a comfortable office is an important part of your overall productivity. Hopefuly these tips help you create an office that you enjoy being in.

Brett Sartorial

Brett is a business journalist with a focus on corporate strategy and leadership. With over 15 years of experience covering the corporate world, Brett has a reputation for being a knowledgeable, analytical and insightful journalist. He has a deep understanding of the business strategies and leadership principles that drive the world's most successful companies, and is able to explain them in a clear and compelling way. Throughout his career, Brett has interviewed some of the most influential business leaders and has covered major business events such as the World Economic Forum and the Davos. He is also a regular contributor to leading business publications and has won several awards for his work.