4 Invaluable Hires Every Growing Business Must Make

Every entrepreneur starts off with a dream, an idea, and a plan. Most entrepreneurs follow through with their passions, initiating their business ventures as intended. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs also inevitably fail before seeing the full potential of their endeavors. 

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For those businesses that continue to grow and thrive, certain proverbial plateaus and choke-points emerge. These growing pains for businesses can put substantial strain on owners and employees alike: from needing additional employees to provide more detailed service to start-up costs associated with opening new facilities, the challenge is real.

For any business that is growing and wants to succeed, here are four invaluable hires that must be made to ensure the operation continues to profit and prosper. 

  • Human Resources Hires

A start-up business may not have enough resources to hire more than 1 or 2 people, but once the business is growing, exponentially more complexity begins to emerge. Arguably one of the most important hires any growing business should make are human resources professionals. Simply put, HR staffing for small businesses provides a variety of benefits many may not initially realize. From handling payroll to evaluating new hires, HR personnel are trained to manage many different day-to-day business tasks, which can take some of the stress and strain off owners and other employees.

  • Marketing Hires

Small businesses that are fortunate enough to experience growth need to ensure the growth is consistent, sustainable, and continuous. After a certain point, hiring marketing assistance for businesses is an inevitability. Thanks to technology, even tiny businesses now have access to a variety of digital and traditional marketing channels and mediums – but once growth reaches a certain point, enlisting the services of a professional marketing hire is crucial. Some businesses may choose to hire in-house employees while others may utilize the services of a marketing firm in lieu of a full-time hire.

  • Customer Service Hires

Being able to communicate effectively with the public is an essential aspect of continued growth. When businesses first begin, the number of inquiries, questions, and complaints can likely be handled by the owner and/or existing employees. After a certain point, however, the use of dedicated customer service hires is practically mandatory. These individuals will be responsible for fielding inquiries via telephone and the internet in most situations, but in-person customer service solutions may also be required. These hires help ensure maximum customer retention and minimal negative word-of-mouth.

  • Quality Control Hires

As businesses grow, the pains of maintaining similar quality become more pronounced. Many companies have failed simply because product or service quality rapidly diminished as they began growing; taking measures to ensure this isn’t the case is vital. Quality control hires exist to ensure every part of the process – from materials acquisition and manufacturing to customer service and in-store experience – is optimized for maximum performance, customer retention, and overall quality. 

As companies continue to expand and grow, a plethora of new hires will be required. When businesses take that first step from start-up endeavors to legitimate small businesses, however, these four types of hires must be seriously considered if the growth is to continue sustainably.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.